Kristen Stewart versus Lily Collins: Watch both trailers for their upcoming Snow White movies and tell us who’s got your vote

Images courtesy of Relativity Media and Universal Pictures.
Images courtesy of Relativity Media and Universal Pictures.

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Not one but two Snow White–inspired films are coming out in 2012, sparking a battle over which will be the fairest. Mirror, Mirror, starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins appears to be a comedic twist on the classic tale, whereas Snow White and the Huntsman, with Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart, has a fight-to-the-death Game of Thrones–esque tone.

Speaking of fighting, what it really comes down to is who plays Snow White best. Doe-eyed Collins pretty much looks like a fairytale princess in real life. Her sweet smiles could definitely lure in the help of seven dwarves—can the same be said for Stewart’s ubiquitous “I don’t really know or care why I am here” expression? However, her grungy appeal does suit the very Joan of Arc Snow White that Hunstman is all about.

Oh, and the style! Both films do Elizabethan era costumes (a little Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 in there as well, perhaps?) but Mirror, Mirror takes it to the extreme with an almost animated influence. Jewel-toned gowns are embroidered and over-embellished, there are at least three bows on every outfit, and that wooden corset and hoop skirt? It almost makes up for having to listen to Roberts’ Pretty Woman laugh.

What do you think? Watch the trailers and decide: does Mirror, Mirror or Snow White and the Huntsman do the classic tale best? Tell us on Twitter and vote below!

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