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Kim Kardashian West’s Most Embarrassing Moment May Surprise You

And no, it's not her infamous crying face.

Let’s be real: Kim Kardashian West has had a lot of embarrassing moments in her lifetime (the joys of being the star of a reality TV show, right?).

From her infamous crying face to being for married for 72 days and, of course, her sex tape, the 36-year-old’s most humiliating moments have been captured on camera (and often, GIF form) for all the world to see.

But it turns out the mother-of-two’s most mortifying moment isn’t any of the above, but rather a scene in Disaster Movie where she gets killed by a meteorite (LOL).

“I’m mortified, if you have the clip. I can’t watch,” she exclaimed, during an appearance of ABC’s new game show, Big Fan, which was filmed back in April 2016 but aired earlier this week.

Naturally, ABC had the clip ready to go, and proceeded to play it for Kim, who cringed throughout. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

That wasn’t the only embarrassing moment Kim endured on Big Fan, however. The show, which has celebrities compete with their fans to find out who is more knowledgeable about the star, also revealed the Kimoji creator didn’t know how many carats were in her engagement ring.

When host Andy Ritcher asked the question, Kim slammed the buzzer shouting “12!”

“Sorry, no!” Richter replied. “It’s 15. Well, we got the information from Kanye, so maybe he upped the number.”

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