June 2016 Horoscopes: Why this will be the month you finally get your life together

horoscopes 2016 march
horoscopes 2016 march

The first week of June may feel like a roller coaster, as dynamic planetary square pattern forms right on the Gemini New Moon on June 4. If you feel pulled in many directions at once, remember you have the power to say no or decline any request that comes your way. Even though life may seem exciting, you may need to set healthy limits to stay sane.

Later in the month you may feel more settled and focused. As Jupiter and Pluto work together around June 26, you can be especially productive, or may make a major – and exciting – decision about your future.

And June 29 brings the news you’ve been waiting for – passion and progress planet Mars stops moving backwards. Delays since mid-April can finally be resolved, and you may feel like life starts to flow again.

Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub. Horoscopes by Kelly Surtees.



Progress on a delayed matter, especially about work or money, may finally arrive once your patron planet Mars starts moving forward again on June 29. Mars has been going backwards since mid-April so if you’ve felt like life has been stuck or you haven’t been able to create the progress you want, that’s why. You’ll get your mojo, drive and spark back before you know it.

Romance looks fun, light and playful as Venus and Uranus join forces on June 12. Forget pushing for commitment and instead enjoy swiping on Tinder.


A new money, job or income opportunity is possible under the Gemini New Moon on June 4, and when Venus and the Sun team up on June 6. You might apply for a new job, discuss a raise or promotion with your boss, or start a side business.

Your love life will get back on track from June 29, when your love planet, Mars, starts moving forward again. Before then you may need to take care on June 8, as a testy angle between Mercury and Mars may lead to a disagreement or crossed wires. Avoid Tinder then or take a day part from your S/O. Be patient with dating and relationships, the pace is slowing picking up.


Even though life may be hectic, especially until June 10, you’ll be in the spotlight for all the right reasons. The New Moon in Gemini on June 4 can give you a competitive advantage, or inspire you to refocus on a pet project. When the Sun and Venus join forces in Gemini on June 6 you’ll be in the mood to shop, spoil yourself or splurge on pampering at the spa.

If work feels stuck, take the long term view. Even though it may not seem like it, what you’re doing now is helping set you up for the future.


If you can take a break or plan a weekend away this month do so for you have the perfect New Moon, in Gemini on June 4, to help you escape reality or ditch your responsibilities for a few days. Got an S/O? Surprise them with a night away. Single? Think girls’ weekend.

An ex may reappear under a tricky angle between Mercury and Mars on June 8. If so, only reconnect to get closure. New possibilities in your love life are likely after June 29, once Mars gets back on track. Until then, focus on reconnecting your BFF or family.


You may be a social butterfly or super popular thanks to the Gemini New Moon on June 4. Even if you have to juggle two events in one night, saying yes to a number of events can help boost your profile, or network to get ahead in your career. All month you have the Sun, Venus and Mercury on side to help you stand out in a crowd.

You might hear about a potentially lucrative posting or a bonus for your success on a project, as Jupiter and Pluto work together on June 26. Look for an opportunity to learn while you earn.


New opportunities emerge at work thanks to the Gemini New Moon on June 4. The two weeks following this New Moon may be your best time all year to make a positive change in your career. Life may be busy on many levels. If so, don’t lose focus of your long term goals.

Happiness, romance and having fun are highlighted at the end of the month. A breakthrough in a dating or relationship situation is likely near June 26, or you may splurge on a special personal indulgence. Express your creativity, book tickets to the theatre or take extra time off work. You’re worth it!


Travel, adventure and new experiences are likely this June. You may be restless with routines, or ready to book your next holiday. You may also receive an international invitation you can’t refuse.

You may need to have an honest conversation about money, especially around June 8 as Mercury and Mars face off. Taking charge will work in your favour.

You can improve your home or living situation under the touch of lucky Jupiter on June 26. You might find a great flat or roommate, realize you’re closer to buying your own home or simply fresh your décor for the new season.


A breakthrough or welcome progress with money is likely under the New Moon in Gemini on June 4, especially if you have a debt, tax or investment matter you want to improve.

A friend or work associate may act like your lucky charm, thanks to Jupiter in Virgo. Take the advice of other people, especially if they have your best interests at heart, or have more experience around a key topic. June 26 looks especially fortunate and a risk you take then can pay off.

Personally, a period of frustration is ending as Mars concludes his recent backwards cycle on June 29. Your patience will pay off, even if you feel you have been treading water. New possibilities will soon emerge.


You may start over in a close relationship, or find new enthusiasm for dating and dealing with Tinder. June 4 and 6 look potentially romantic, especially if you hope to meet someone new. Got an S/O? Make plans for the future together. A spicy angle between Venus and Uranus on June 12 can help you get out of your dating comfort zone, or try something wild and wonderful.

You may reach new heights in your career, or realize you’re closer to achieving a long held salary goal as Jupiter and Pluto join forces on June 26. Your talents are more marketable and valuable than you may think.


New motivation for a health or fitness goal may arrive thanks to a series of planets touring Gemini. This can be a great time to re-start a training program, or meet with a naturopath or nutritionist to improve your eating habits. You might also splurge on new workout clothes too.

If you haven’t travelled lately, or have a dream to visit an overseas destination, start planning your next adventure. Support for your travel dreams, or a goal to work and study overseas, may arrive when Jupiter and Pluto work together on June 26. Go after a big life dream then, as you have luck on your side.


Romance may be top priority this month! You have the Gemini New Moon on June 4 bringing new beginnings in dating, love or on Tinder. Plus, Venus and the Sun promise togetherness and affection on June 6. Then Uranus gets involved around June 12 and you may want to keep your options open or find you get lots of attention from potential partners.

A delay or frustration at work may be resolved around June 29, when Mars gets going again in Scorpio. Even if you need to redo something in your career, extra effort will pay off. Don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal.


Home may be your sanctuary or your main focus this month. Quiet time at home can help you recharge, which may be necessary given how busy your June looks. A long term career project you’ve been working towards may reach a peak. You might need to review your goals for the future, or restructure your professional plan given a recent success.

A close relationship may blossom, or you may be ready to take control with dating. Romance looks especially intense around June 26, when Jupiter and Pluto work together. Take the lead in love or on Tinder for maximum passion then.

Socially you make a huge impact, or you may hear that your professional reputation is growing. Enjoy the rave reviews you have worked so hard for.

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