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Julia Roberts Acts Out her Entire Film Career in 10 Minutes

Every time I get sick, I stay in bed and binge watch Julia Roberts’ films. There’s just something about her warm, Miss America sweetness that makes me feel all fuzzy inside—even when I’m three days off solid foods with a fever of 103 degrees. That megawatt smile could totally cure bronchitis, amiright?

Serious, bed-ridden illness is the only time I’ve ever been able to fulfill my urge to sit down and watch every Julia Roberts movie back-to-back-to-back. Until now! The superstar actress revisited her 30-year film career on The Late Late Show with James Corden, reenacting her most iconic scenes with the funny-guy host in a 9-minute act.

They did Notting Hill…with Corden as Hugh Grant.

They did Closer…with Corden as Jude Law.

They did Pretty Woman…with Corden as the snooty sales associate.

They did Eat, Pray, Love…with Corden as an unidentified character eating a really big bowl of pasta.

If you’re a Julia Roberts mega fan—or just a girl, standing at your computer screen, asking for a good laugh—watch Roberts blaze through 26 of her my memorable roles in the full video below.

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