It’s a pantsuitpalooza! The 10 best fashion moments from Solange Knowles’ “Losing You” music video

Solange Knowles Losing You Fashion Moments

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Solange Knowles means business in her music video for “Losing You.” No, actually: she looks like she could be heading to work in a variety of bright pantsuits and printed blazers. But really, she’s just hanging out in South Africa and looking amazing while doing so. Solange earns major style points for having one of the most visually appealing music videos we’ve seen since Grimes’ “Genesis” and, even better, the song is pop music perfection.

Many of the moments from “Losing You” feel like they could be editorial campaigns for major fashion houses, thanks to the amazing styling and artistic shots. (Let’s be thankful Solange didn’t turn to House of Deréon to design the clothing—ahem, like in the days of Destiny’s Child—because we likely wouldn’t be talking about the video if that was the case.) With what feels like a never ending parade of prints, bright colours and a beautiful Solantourage (see what we did there?), the video confirms our guess that Beyonce’s little sister is onto something big. Now excuse us while we go practice our shoulder-popping dance moves…