11 Instagram-Famous Teens You Should Follow (Because They’re Legit Talented)

When I was a teen—and perhaps this is true for many of you as well—Instagram wasn’t even around yet. Personally, I’m very appreciative of that. Social media can be difficult to handle in one’s teen years, especially when you factor in cyberbullying, body image and all the other issues that can be a part of teenage life. For better or for worse, though, Instagram is a huge part of teenagers’ lives now. Most teenagers have normal Instagram feeds that mirror their lives: selfies, inspiration quotes, food pics, posts about pop culture stars and memes, which they share with friends and family.

However, there are a few exceptional teens who are taking the world—and the internet—by storm. We’re not talking about Kylie and Kendall, but the slightly lesser-known teens who have cultivated a following for themselves, thanks to their fashion sense, makeup skills, activism, and legit talent. They’re inspiring and motivating not only other teens but adults as well. Here are the top 10 coolest teens on Instagram that you should be following. Prepare for some serious fomo.

thanks @schullerinc for smudgy eyes @illamasqua @bsd_academy ? A photo posted by Lottie Tomlinson (@lottietomlinson) on

Lottie Tomlinson, age 17
What she does: Makeup artist
Followers: 2.5 million
Why you should follow her: Tomlinson started out as an intern under One Direction’s makeup and hair stylist (Louis of 1D is her brother) and quickly caught the eye of Selena Gomez. Now she’s going on tour with Selena as her makeup artist, proving that hard work and talent will get you everywhere.


A photo posted by MATT SARAFA (@mattsarafa) on

Matt Sarafa, age 19
What he does: Fashion designer and founder of clothing line HOT ME$$, former contestant on Project Runway Juniors
Followers: 56.9k
Why you should follow him: He showcases his designs on Instagram, not to mention some killer highlighter! “I began designing at 7 years old after falling in love with Project Runway,” he says. “I had always been an artistic kid, but now I channeled that creative energy into designing clothing. I started with just sketches, but eventually that wasn’t enough and I learned how to sew from my grandma.”


A photo posted by Bibi Bourelly ????? (@bibibourelly) on

Bibi Bourelly, age 21
What she does: Singer-songwriter
Followers: 41.2k
Why you should follow her: Bourelly was on the music scene from a young age (her father is guitarist Jean-Paul Bourelly), which led to her quitting school, moving from Berlin to L.A. and then writing song for Rihanna (“Bitch Better Have My Money” and “Higher”). Can you say slay?

Rude boy 2015 A photo posted by Mr. Fallback (@lukasabbat) on

Luka Sabbat, age 18
What he does: Model and stylist
Followers: 168k
Why you should follow him: Apparently Sabbat broke into the modelling world by complete accident when he was only 15; now he’s making waves in magazines like Vogue, shows like the Yeezy Season 1 presentation, and with brands like Hood By Air. It’s not just about who he knows and what he’s done, however; the kid just exudes coolness.

??? @j.crvz

A video posted by Princess Pia Mia (@princesspiamia) on

Pia Mia Perez, age 19
What she does: Singer/songwriter and model
Followers: 3.7 million
Why you should follow her: Pia Mia is BFFs with Kylie Jenner, has collaborated on songs with Tyga and Chris Brown, and was the face of Missguided’s 2015 spring/summer collection—but she had humble beginnings. She started posting YouTube videos of her songs when she was only 12. Now her entire Instagram feed is total goals.

Thanks for a good time Europe ???? now back to Hollywood. A photo posted by Pyper America Smith (@pyperamerica) on

Pyper America Smith, age 18
What she does: Model and musician
Followers: 601k
Why you should follow her: This model is eye-catching both on the runway and on the street, thanks to her striking looks and unique fashion sense, not to mention she’s also part of the band The Atomics. Her Instagram feed mirrors her charmed life; every gorgeous photo looks like part of a magazine spread.

Jules Spector, age 15
What she does: Feminist blogger
Followers: 4,366
Why you should follow her: This teen is out to change the world. Blogging about feminist issues at teenfeminist.com, Spector has caught the attention of fellow teens and adults alike, thanks to her passion when it comes to issues that matter to girls today. Follow her and you’ll instantly be inspired and motivated.

What’s good? ?? A photo posted by Anna Collins (@annaballins) on

Anna Collins, age 19
What she does: Vlogger and dancer
Followers: 26k
Why you should follow her: Collins’s pastel-drenched Instagram is full of inspiration and relatable moments for young women. She’s a classically trained ballerina as well as a video blogger. In her videos, she answers questions about everything from body image to anxiety.

Evita Nuh, age 17
What she does: Style blogger
Followers: 51.1k
Why you should follow her: Few people are particularly stylish at the young age of 17, but Nuh has already found a strong sense of style that is immediately apparent in her Instagram feed. This Indonesian fashion blogger has been featured by Elle, among other publications. Her Instagram feed—minimal with pops of color—is so cohesive and aesthetically pleasing, you’re sure to lose hours to it.

Had a great night❤️ A photo posted by Jazz Jennings (@jazzjennings_) on

Jazz Jennings, age 15
What she does: Transgender activist
Followers: 285k
Why you should follow her: Jennings is a transgender teen who has been publicly outspoken about her experience, posting YouTube videos, starring in reality TV and even co-writing a children’s book. Her confidence and passion are inspiring, especially at such a young age.

Maria Khoreva, age 16
What she does:Ballet dancer
Followers: 77.6k
Why you should follow her: Khoreva posts photos and videos of herself practising ballet, and most of them are genuinely jaw-dropping. She obviously works hard at her craft, and whether you dance yourself or can barely touch your toes, it’s thrilling to watch her stretch her body to its limits for art.

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