Inside The Room Vancouver’s Mary Katrantzou fête: The city’s finest donning Magic Eye prints and designer hints of another possible collab

Photoraphy by Peter Jensen
Photoraphy by Peter Jensen

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Pattern princess Mary Katrantzou’s first-ever visit to Vancouver (“We’ve got fantastic weather, and I was expecting gloomy rain!” she enthused in an earlier interview) turned out a colourful crowd at The Room at the Bay last night. A noticeable number of party people sported kaleidoscopic looks from the designer’s new collection, which has gained equal notoriety for its elevation of everyday objects such as spoons and typewriters, as well as its trippy, engrossing patterns reminiscent of Magic Eye images from the ‘90s (a comparison Mary acknowledges with, “Yes, I heard that recently! I wasn’t sure what those magical eye drawings were.”)

The biggest head-turner at the soiree was the Bay’s own Bonnie Brooks, for whom the sea of party people parted like she was the Moses of fashion. She took it all very gracefully, posing for photographers in her green Katrantzou number. Mingling towards the edges of the crowd were other designers such as Jason Matlo and Dace Moore, while Shaw TV’s Mana Mansour swanned about.

After a few rounds of champagne and cutesy canapés, the crowd dissipated, but the designer is in town for a few days yet. She’ll be checking out Vancouver and Whistler until Sunday. And then? “We’re headed to L.A.! Actually, we’re possibly doing a collaboration that I can’t reveal yet… But we’re going for two days to explore that possibility.”

If you unfocus your eyes just the right amount and stare at this page, the name of Mary’s possible brand collaboration will emerge. Seriously. STARE HARDER. (Okay, fine, we’re kidding. Magic Eyes never worked for us anyway.)

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