These Cheeky IKEA Employees Turned a Toilet into the Iron Throne

These Game of Thrones fans are next level

I can’t speak from experience, but I can imagine toilet sales is a pretty shitty business to be in. Shopping for a new shoes is a passion, but shopping for toilets? Doesn’t sound quite as fun. After all, a toilet is a toilet— how does one set itself apart?

If you ask me, it all comes down to marketing. And boy oh boy, did this French Ikea nail it. Turn an everyman’s porcelain perch into the one and only Iron Throne? Sold!

Photography via Reddit

The photo was shared by Reddit user rpmdebslack, who picked up on Ikea’s ingenious Game of Thrones reference. The store’s cheeky employees used toilet brushes and toilet brush holders in place of the 1,000 swords of Aegon I Targaryen’s enemies. A very suitable sub in, if you ask me.

It gets better: above the display reads, “Oserez-vous monter sur le trône?”

“Monter sur le trône,” explains Reddit user, rpmdebslack, “literally means ‘sitting on the throne.’ It also means going to the toilet (figuratively). The question is hence: Would you dare sit on the throne (go to the toilet)?”

Well, would you? I mean, you remember what happened to Tywin Lannister right?

While we wait patiently for Season 7 of Game of Thrones to premiere on July 16, why not spend some time on a throne of your own. Fortunately, there’s an “Iron Throne Toilet Decal” available on Amazon, and it’s exactly what your bathroom needs. Because, in the wise words of one Reddit commenter, “Dinner is Coming!”