how to take the perfect profile picture
Photography via Instagram/imjennim

How to Take the Perfect Profile Picture: 8 Tips for Acing Twitter, Tinder and More

We may have taught you how to take the best Instagram photo, but what do you know about taking the perfect profile picture? We all know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and dating apps like Tinder each serve a different purpose in our lives, so naturally each platform should be given special attention. And since it’s the first picture a follower comes across, it’s important that it’s a memorable one.

When it comes to choosing the perfect profile picture, bloggers, editors and other social media stars have the skill down pat. But what’s their secret to having such recognizable profiles? Thanks to years of social media experience and connecting with thousands of followers, they’ve come to know the ins and outs of what pictures works best for them. Cases in point: Using one consistent photo across her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl can easily be recognized on all her social media platforms, while Fashion Toast‘s Rumi Neely‘s different head shots is easy to pinpoint amongst the sea of people we follow via her iconic nonchalant look and beach-wavy hairstyle.

Before we decide to give up because we a) don’t have professional photographers on speed dial or b) have as many years of experience in the digital world like many of the social media stars, it doesn’t mean we can’t strive for the perfect picture for our social media accounts. To help us figure out the secret on how to take the perfect profile picture, we tapped into the brains of Chriselle Lim, personal style blogger, Youtuber and wardrobe stylist of The Chriselle Factor (she has over 315 thousand followers on Instagram alone!) and Canada’s Maybelline New York lead makeup artist, Grace Lee. You know, just in case you were thinking of using that spring break picture for your professional LinkedIn profile. From our personal Facebook page to our fun Tinder profiles, we present you eight expert tips and tricks on how to take the perfect profile picture for all your social media platforms.

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