Will & Grace Is Coming Back to TV! See 4 of the Sitcom’s Best Moments

The Hollywood Reporter recently announced that groundbreaking sitcom Will and Grace is in talks for a new season, slated to roll out sometime in 2017. All bets are on Netflix buying the series and adding it to its roster of retro revamps (including the thrilling reboot of Twin Peaks). The comedy—which ran from 1999-2006—starred Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes and is noted to be one of the few television projects in history that has tackled subjects such as LGBTQ rights in a way that informed and entertained the masses. To celebrate Will & Grace‘s enduring legacy, here are 4 moments that made the show such a classic:

The non-stop insanity of Jack’s entrances:

That time Cher showed up:

Grace making fun of Will’s fashion sense:

Every scene with Karen in it:

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