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@ThatFoodCray’s Nicole Fung Reveals Hong Kong’s Best-Kept Foodie Secrets

In Central, either join in the line at a dai pai dong (outdoor food stall) or check out these #recos from Nicole Fung, the Hong Kong-based Chinese Canadian behind @ThatFoodCray.

Man Wah at the Mandarin Oriental: “Their xiaolongbao soup dumplings, barbequed Iberian pork buns and beef tenderloin puffs are to die for.”

TP Tea: “Their boba [bubble tea] is the best in the city.”

Smaller – Flower Crab, Uni, Mitsuba

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Japanese-inspired izakaya Ronin: “Try the Omakase, which includes their signature sea urchin flower crab.”

Shari Shari Kakigori House: “Eat a mountain of shaved ice, especially their Earl Grey and avocado flavours!”

Racks: “It’s a friend’s bar where you can play beer pong, pool and darts. It’s also one of the few places that play hip-hop.”

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