“Gym Kardashian” is the Funniest Thing on the Internet Right Now

Flex ?

It’s not the first Kardashian meme, and it’s probably not the last — but Gym Kardashian is one of the best things happening on the Internet right now. The reality star is looking mad ripped in a series of expertly photoshopped pics, and we honestly can’t get enough of it. Body builder Kim is strong, powerful and she reminds us that a flexing female biceps can be just as sexy as any muscle a man can offer.

What’s sexier than biking shorts and tube tops à la Yeezy season 6? Gym Kardashian.

If you need a helping hand, who do you call? Gym Kardashian.

Who challenges heteronormativity with their beverage choice? Gym Kardashian.

Keep on flexing, Gym Kardashian.