Glamour Quest: Part 2

Purse Strings

As I mentioned last week, 2008 is going to be a bit of a turning point for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ll be 29 this June, or perhaps because of all the stunning and confident women I see on a regular basis, but one of my gemini voices has been screaming at me for months to up my glam-factor, STAT.

Thankfully, my less impulsive side knows that these things take time and so, without knowing what the plan would be this year, I subconsciously started purging my clothes before the holidays, putting piles and piles of old tees, sweats, jeans and jackets into bags to be dropped off at St. Christopher House.

With the urging of my well-travelled BF, I’ve gone through my closet and dresser numerous times since then, still seeing items that I haven’t worn in a year and pitching them. Maybe it’s because he seems to only have the bare minimum in his closet, yet he looks great each time he leaves the house, that I’ve chosen to go with it.

But what else does a girl need to do to prepare for such a glamour shift? Money seems another good place to start, so like my bestie Carolyn, I’ve put myself on a budget. Not just for extra money for clothes, mind you, but to have funds for other fashionable things, including, hopefully, one day a condo to call my own (honestly, I was over renting in 2003).

A recent trip to the bank helped to solidify that I was taking the right steps to make the most out of my income. Starting this month, it’s on. It’s time to save, save, save, so that when the time comes, I’ll have enough cash in hand to make some glamorous wardrobe adjustments. Barring any major catastrophes, I’ll be an even more fabulous version of myself in no time. Will certainly keep you posted along the way.

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