Glamour Quest: Part 1

As 2007 came to a close, most people had their resolutions all planned out. Case in point: my gym was packed the first few weeks of the year. As for me, this year I have no resolutions. OK, well, maybe one. I’m not sure if it counts as a resolution, but here it is: My mission this year is to up my wardrobe factor. No more fast fashion all the time (sorry H&M). This is my year to add classic pieces to my closet. Hence the name of my blog-within-a-blog: Glamour Quest.

In 2007, I finally splurged on an expensive pair of sunglasses (a sexy pair of Pradas, thank you!), after years of buying cheap but fashionable $30 throwaways. I was amazed how good they looked with everything, even my sometimes dark, puffy eyes. I was also amazed that I could actually hold onto a pair longer than six months. So, during my annual Boxing Day bargain hunt, instead of stocking up on Ts, sweaters and loads of stuff to last about three months, I picked out a fabulous three-quarter-length wool coat from Mendocino that will last me for the next few winters easily! It also happened to be on sale.

As I left the store (along with my new sleek, black leggings, also from Mendocino), I decided that 2008 was going to be about quality over quantity. So now I’ve given myself two new tasks for the next few months: finding the perfect black pumps and a brand new LBD. As a Gemini though, I’m sure things will change. Just like how my mission to find a pencil skirt ended with me buying a fitted, tweed blazer from Bebe, thankfully also on sale! Happy shopping, kittens.

Photography by Lindsay Murrell.

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