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The Feel-Good Instagram Accounts Our Team Loves to Follow

May we offer some cheery respite for anyone self-isolating at home?

With bad news coming at us from seemingly every direction, even a social media scroll session can be fraught with tension and anxiety. In an effort to spread some positive vibes—and offer some cheery respite for those self-isolating at home—we rounded up the feel-good accounts our team loves to follow.


“Every day this account posts a captivating black and white photo of a public figure (Georgia O’Keefe, Le Corbusier, Edward Gorey, Amy Winehouse…) and a really interesting quote of theirs. I find it always catches my attention and gives me something to think about throughout the day and beyond.” —Odessa Paloma Parker, Fashion News Director


“A stylish socialite with a menagerie of farm animals at her country home. Her self-description as an accidental scatologist and troublesome wife pretty much sums it up.” — Bernadette Morra, Editor in Chief


“Milliner and artist Maryam Keyhani shares snippets from her pastel-hued life that often looks like a window into Alice in Wonderland. Her beautiful artwork, fashion and seriously adorable kids make her feed smile-inducing. —Eliza Grossman, Fashion Editor

#Samoyed, #GoldenRetriever, #BorderCollie

“These aren’t specific accounts but I follow certain dog hashtags to brighten up my feed. #Samoyed, #GoldenRetriever and #BorderCollie guarantee my feed is peppered with adorable dog videos and photos in amongst all of the global panic. And honestly there’s no pick-me-up quite like a video of a puppy inquisitively tilting its head from side to side.” —Maddison Glendinning, Digital Director


“A Toronto painter currently living in Paris, her fashion and floral paintings are full of colour and joy.” — Bernadette Morra, Editor in Chief


“If I’m ever reincarnated as a dog, catch me going out for lunch with @boobie_billie and our pup-size Chanel bags. You don’t often find a dog more fashionable than you, so I’m literally both fascinated and hysterical every time she drops a post. It’s the perfect thing to brighten up any moment.” —Sarah Mariotti, Editorial Assistant

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Bon voyage, fashion month ??

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“The European Fine Art Fair posts art, objets and jewellery, all of which come with a little lesson on history or craft.” — Bernadette Morra, Editor in Chief

“Scientists need to do some sort of study around the effects this account can have on people’s serotonin levels because every time I stumble across an image of this family of dogs it feels like swallowing a ray of sunshine.” —Pahull Bains, Culture & Lifestyle Editor

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Puppy pile

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