February 2016 horoscopes: When to ask for a raise, go on a first date + more

The new moon in Aquarius on February 8th can energize friendships, and bring a timely reminder to have fun. New suggestions are also welcome as curiosity is at a high. Under the Virgo full moon on February 22nd, health, fitness and generally making life better will be important. This is a great time for decluttering and making your home and workspace more organized and efficient.

Mid-February, energetic Mars joins forces with lucky Jupiter. Use this sparkling combination to ask for something you really want, or put a grand plan into action. A bold initiative may receive helpful support, or you may be inspired to try something outside your comfort zone. New adventures and exciting opportunities are possible then.

Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub. Horoscopes by Kelly Surtees.



Treat yourself to new clothes for work, especially if you have a big interview, presentation or high-profile event coming up. February 6th, 7th and 15th can be lucky in your career, or bring an exciting chance to travel for work.

You’re especially magnetic as Mars and Jupiter work together mid-February. If you have to ask for a favour, raise or special privileges, use the helpful qualities of Jupiter then.

Time with friends may be more important than dating or relationships right now, so it’s definitely a month to put time with your BFF before time on Tinder. A night away with friends looks super exciting between February 25th and 27th.


If you’re hoping for a permanent contract at work, or want to work on a longterm project, you may hear happy career news as the sun and Saturn collaborate on February 4th. A work contract you sign can last.

The Aquarius new moon on February 8th starts a new cycle in your career. A leadership opportunity may arrive, or you may be invited to network with high-profile industry experts, especially during the second half of February.

Passion planet Mars continues to give you confidence in relationships, especially in terms of being empowered and brave when making the first move. February 14th and 15th may be especially spicy. If you have a significant other, plan a night away for Valentine’s Day.


A lasting commitment in love will be possible thanks to the sun and Saturn on February 4th. Single? Someone older, wiser or with a position in authority may be hard to resist.

Your living situation can improve under the Virgo full moon on February 22nd. A great apartment may become available, or you may find the right person to live with. If you own property, you might be ready to redecorate, renovate or upgrade.

Finances will be flowing, as Mercury, Venus and Pluto, all in Capricorn, help you organize and improve your money. Avoid shopping if you can, and instead save for your next holiday or big adventure.


You can be lucky in dating and with relationships, especially February 6th and 14th. New closeness is possible if have a partner, or you may have lots of choice with potential partners if you’re single and looking.

A solution to a debt, tax or other money problem may arrive under the Aquarius new moon on February 8th. If you want to earn more money, look for extra work or chat to your boss about more hours or even a small raise.

Time spent on, in or near the water will be uplifting and motivating, especially around February 28th and 29th. Splurge on a getaway then, or sign up for a spa day.


Friends might be jealous of how much luck you have on Tinder this month. The Aquarius new moon kick-starts a new 12-month love and relationships cycle, starting February 8th. Try something new, fresh or different with dating to make your love life – or a close partnership – more exciting. Someone older or from overseas will be worth getting to know, especially early in February. If you’re attached, you may finally discuss longterm commitment.

You can improve your income mid-month, as Mars and Jupiter join forces. Take a relative’s advice about work or a possible job offer.

Three planets in Capricorn can motivate you with health and fitness, especially in the first half of the month.


You have so much luck right now your friends may want to be near you in the hopes some of your good fortune will rub off on them. With generous Jupiter in Virgo, a special connection you arrange for someone else may turn out to be a blessing for you too.

A study, writing or training opportunity will be worth exploring with Mars in Scorpio. If you need to upgrade your skills for work, or to finish off a formal qualification, do so ASAP.

Health and fitness are highlighted by the Sun, then Mercury and Venus. You’ve got no excuse not to sign up for an exercise program, improve your diet and generally boost your energy and well-being.


A breakthrough on Tinder or new romance in an existing relationship will be likely on February 8th. The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more exciting love and dating will be. Forget tradition and follow your heart.

An improvement to your home, family situation or living arrangements will be possible, especially in the first half of February. Venus and Mercury in Capricorn then can help you find a better place to live, or improve your current home. It may be worth spending a little more so things are comfortable and stable for the future.

You’re a powerhouse with cash thanks to Mars in Scorpio and may sign a lucrative client or contract.


You may be a hit on Instagram under the Virgo Full Moon on February 22nd, especially if you have pics to post about either a fitness or work achievement. Your profile will grow, online and in person so make sure you post frequently.

A romantic date or fairytale encounter may take your breath away on February 28th or 29th. Plan a night out near water or at a live music event to maximize your luck in love then.

The Aquarius new moon on February 8th can help you ditch any past baggage or heal from a bad experience. You’re ready to declutter on all levels. As you lighten your load, moving forward will be easier.


If you work extra hours this month you’ll have the success and results at work to show for it. You might not have as much time to socialize, but a career opportunity that shows up will be worth the effort, especially around February 13th to 15th. If you can, work in private or from home to maximize productivity.

You’ll get better at social media thanks to the sun, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. Your tech insights or an innovative idea you share can help you impress at work. Use technology wherever you can, for dating, to network and via apps to help manage your cash.

Make seeing your friends IRL a top priority on February 4th and 25th. Their input will be spot on then.


Venus in Capricorn until February 17th gives you cosmic permission to shop, update your hairstyle or splurge on beauty products and accessories. Opt for classical elegance so you get great value for money.

Plan or take a holiday with friends when Mars and Jupiter collaborate mid-month. You may be restless with routine and interested in adventure then. Can’t get away? Head out for a day trip somewhere new, or have dinner at an international restaurant.

If you have a significant other, a night away can help you reconnect on February 28th and 29th. Single? A sexy foreigner will be worth pursuing.


Your opinion counts and others will ask for you input, especially around the new moon in Aquarius on February 8th. You’ll get motivated for the future and be ready to end anything that’s no longer serving or supporting you. Focus on what’s next, not where you’ve come from.

A breakthrough in your career or your search for a great job is possible as Mars and Jupiter join forces mid-February. Be proactive about taking on a new challenge at work, or networking for a better opportunity then.

Be careful with money on February 28th and 29th. An amazing bargain may not be so great after all so don’t fall for any sales spin or pushy promotions then. If you can, delay any big purchases for a few days.


You may hit a career high as Saturn in Sagittarius is activated on February 4th and 25th. Contacts, like friends, family and co-workers, may provide great advice for getting ahead, or you may be confirmed to work on an interesting and innovative project. Accept any extra work responsibility that comes your way then. You’re ready to take the next step.

Your relationships are in the spotlight under the Virgo full moon on February 22nd. You might find out what’s really been going on with your significant other, or see the truth in a dating situation. Honesty is essential – and can help you grow closer.

A welcome windfall may arrive February 6th, 7th or 27th, as Uranus in Aries helps boost cash flow.

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