Fashion’ween: 8 steps to creating the perfect Karl Lagerfeld costume

Find out how to dress up as Karl Lagerfeld »

Halloween is just a week away, and that means it’s officially costume crunch time. In order to stir up some inspiration, we’re turning to some of our favourite and most interesting fashion icons. Each day this week we’ll showcase a costume that doesn’t involve devoting all your evenings to sewing sessions and papier-mâché messes. (And if you do end up dressing up as one of our suggestions, please share it with us on Twitter or Facebook!)

First up, everyone’s favourite fashion uncle, Karl Lagerfeld. We think this is a très chic costume for both guys and gals, and that’s not just because you get to wear a white old-timey powdered wig. Plus, Lagerfeld just announced that he’s launching an affordable line with Net-a-Porter in the new year—so if you fall in love with your costume you’ll be able to continue dressing in his signature style.