FASHION & Weddingbells Are Joining Forces to Cover the Royal Wedding

"We won’t see another wedding of this magnitude for several years..."

Are you resting up royal watchers? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding is only days away, and it’s going to be an early morning for those of us on this side of the Altantic. To ensure we don’t miss a single detail of the celebration, we’ve teamed up with our sister publication, Weddingbells, to cover the event. (In case you haven’t heard, they’re kind of experts in this area.) With our two teams working together, no Jessica Mulroney moment, Queen Elizabeth comment or Canadiana inspired piece of fashion will go unreported!

Alison McGill, Editor-in-Chief of Weddingbells, has already arrived in London to cover the city-wide festivities. As our resident expert, here’s why she says Royal Wedding 2.0 is the most significant affair of the year:

“This royal wedding is a biggie for several reasons,” McGill says. “Prince Harry is certainly one of the most popular if not THE most popular royal. Everyone relates to this royal rebel and wants to see him happy. He has found his perfect match in Meghan, who is making her mark as her own unique and modern royal bride. We won’t see another wedding of this magnitude for several years…not until William and Kate’s little ones wed, so this royal wedding is one to celebrate in biggest and best way!”

Is your 4:00 am watch party ready? Print out the Royal Wedding BINGO, brew the breakfast tea, pop the champers and break out the Pimms. Harry & Meghan’s day is going to be a corker of a celebration!

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