Everything You Need to Know About Casting Spells With Emojis

There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter about witches casting spells—on everything from beauty to Trump—via emojis.

Now, those who are hardcore into the world of spells (hi!) may find this a bit trite, but keep in mind that spells can manifest in many ways. It’s more about the thought, energy and power with which you embody a spell than how it’s done. I have long used spells to bring people into my life, to change my appearance and to help protect myself (among many other things).

So, with that in mind, here are some starter emoji spells you can cast. If you want to send a spell to someone, send it via Twitter or text; if it’s for yourself, well, text yourself! Maybe you just want to send it out into the universe, in which case, well, tweet your spell. But remember the saying: What you send out comes back times three. So cast gently on your first go:

As per Twitter spells and Broadly, you’ll see that they all suggest that you open the spell with a crystal ball, add in the emojis that illustrate what you’re casting and then close with another crystal ball. This is the most basic way, but again, you are creating this spell, so if another emoji (full moon, stars, etc.) feels more “you,” then use those. Here are a few I’ve made to try it out. Remember to always focus your energy and power into the thoughts building the spell. You have to envision these things happening and feel them changing before you.

Beautiful hair spell:

Concentrate on the exact thing you’d like to change: longer hair, thicker hair, shinier hair—be specific to your desires. Manifest positive thoughts into a spell rather than negatives. Don’t say in your head “I hate my hair” or “it’s so dull”; charge yourself with positivity, envision your ideal and put that into your emoji choices.

For example: ???☘???


Sleep is my favourite thing, but—I’m sure you can relate—it does not always comes easy. This spell is best cast in the evening, before you’re all charged up with panic. Make sure you’re calm, in a dark room and envisioning those sweet, sweet dreams.

For example: ??????

Weight/body change:

This one is tricky, as you really have to envision your new body by thinking of yourself in a slow-morph. Traditionally, you would draw an outline of yourself, and then, within your spell, draw the new version of yourself inside or outside the shape. So, with emojis, try opening the spell with your chosen symbol and adding in things that trigger you that you’d like to be done with (pizza emoji for me) with a knife emoji to symbolize “cutting it.”

For example: ????????

Nicer nails:

This spell really lends itself to the emoji keyboard as there are hand and nail emojis galore! Pick the ones that charge you with happy vibes to cast into your fingertips.

For example: ????????

Bring in male/female energy (LOVE):

I have used versions of this my whole life, and found that again, being VERY specific was helpful. It may be overwhelming, so cast carefully. I suggest opening your spell, adding in emojis that speak to the weird specifics you are hoping for, like hair colour, gender (or no gender, there’s an emoji for that!), activity (wine emoji), etc. Envision this person coming into your circle with lots of light.

For example: ?????⚖????

Have fun, and remember to tread lightly as you start casting—you hold a lot of power.

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