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Everything that Upset the Internet this Week

It’s the weekend! And it’s a looonngggg weekend!!! What better way to celebrate that with a round-up of this week’s buzziest controversies? From the Jenners to the Hadids, here’s everything that’s been shaking the web.

China doesn’t want Gigi Hadid to walk in the VS show

THE STORY: Remember when Gigi Hadid came under fire for racism? The drama went down in February, when Gigi’s sister Bella posted a snapchat of the supermodel holding a buddha statue and doing squinty eyes. Six months later, and Gigi has been announced as one of the models to walk in the annual Victoria Secret fashion show, which will be taking place in Shanghai for the first time.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: Gigi has never made a public apology for the offensive gesture, but one fan posted this alleged private explanation from the model. The best way to overcome ignorance is exposure — China should be welcoming Gigi to show them their culture. That said, she needs to apologize before landing in Shanghai. Disabling the comments on her Instagram account isn’t a long-term solution to avoiding haters.


Melania Trump wore high heels to Hurricane Harvey

THE STORY: Melanie Trump touched down in Houston, Texas


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: Politics and devastating natural disasters aside, that’s a pretty killer outfit. And let’s be real, are heels that high ever practical? Pretence is everything here:  instead of offering an expression of empathy, the first lady gave us a fashion moment. Melanie wasn’t in Texas to look good, she was there to help victims and show sympathy. She did, of course, change into a bright white pair of Stan Smiths shortly after arriving.

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Lord of the Flies is being remade … with girls

THE STORY: The popular book (that you probably read in high school) is being re-imaged with deserted little girls instead of deserted little boys. The new film is being directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel — who, yes, are both men.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: Are every single one of these criticisms valid? Yes. This is, after all, a story about toxic-masculinity. Maybe that’s the point though? With the cast gender-swapped, maybe the events will play out differently and the Lordess of the Flies will further critique the original’s critique of the patriarchy. We’ll just have to wait and see the film before making judgements.

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Kendall Jenner wins “Fashion Icon of the Decade Award”

THE STORY: Fashion website The Daily Front Row has named Kendall Jenner “Fashion Icon of the Decade” as part of its annual Fashion Media Awards.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: A decade ago, Kendall Jenner was 11-years-old. That said, she (and her klan) have had a massive impact on the fashion industry. In defence of the award the website told the Huffington Post this:

“We’re living in a digital decade and Kendall is the ultimate style influencer. [The] digital generation more than ever turns to social media to learn what’s next and Kendall has 83 million devoted Instagram followers, many of whom emulate her style. Kendall has also captured the hearts of the leading fashion magazines, photographers, and brands. A fashion icon is someone who influences the look of a generation and Kendall has been making a huge impact on their style. It’s noteworthy that fashion bible Vogue has called her the breakout model of her generation and put her on the cover of their September issue in 2016.”


A very sexist Hurricane Harvey tweet

THE STORY: Blogger Matt Walsh turned a photograph of a life-saving mission — featuring a man carrying a woman carrying a child — into a statement about gender roles.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: I’m just going to leave the response from gender studies professor, Christina Wolbrecht, here.

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