Episode 28: The next move is yours

Audrina and Justin are checking out a gorgeous loft in downtown L.A. “I feel like I’m so far away from everyone,” Audrina says. “But think about it—don’t you always try to get away from where you’re at right now?” Justin asks, sounding entirely too reasonable for someone whose sunglass arms are wedged in his ears. “I live by myself right now in the guesthouse, so it’s like I might as well get my own place,” Audrina concedes.

Steph arrives at Heidi’s apartment to find Spencer, who slept there the night before, anxiously waiting for Heidi to show up. “I’ve lost my mind. Heidi has made me lose my mind,” he says. “If I tell you where she is, will you not do anything crazy?” Steph sighs. What part of “I’ve lost my mind” does she not understand? She quickly fills him in on Heidi’s Vegas trip and possible long-term relocation. “So, are you coming to Vegas with me, or am I going by myself?” Spencer asks. “Think really hard before you do something stupid,” Steph cautions. “We’re going to Vegas,” Spencer immediately replies.

Whitney and Lauren are sorting clothes at People’s Revolution. “How’s [Audrina] doing?” Whitney asks. You’ve gotta love Whitney’s magical ability to always know exactly which aspect of Lauren’s personal life needs discussing! Lauren worries that Audrina is unhappy with her and uncomfortable in the new house. Whitney wisely points out that Audrina might feel left out now that Lo’s constantly around. “Just ask her what’s up, because she is one of your closest friends,” Whitney says. “The thing we have in common is that we live together,” Lauren replies. “If you take that out of the equation, I don’t even know how close we would remain.”

“Call Heidi. See where she is,” Spencer orders Steph as they drive into Vegas. “I just don’t want to be an accomplice,” Steph complains, but of course she does it anyway. Heidi’s at the Palazzo Hotel having drinks and talking business with her bosses, and Spencer, in his infinite wisdom, heads right over there. “Sorry to interrupt this dinner, but can I have a moment with you outside?” he asks. Heidi, apologizing to her bosses, gets up and follows him. “What the hell was that?” Brent asks. “I guess you’ll have to find a new project manager!” Sam replies, laughing.

Heidi is angry enough that she has actually managed to force her face into a scowl. “What are you doing here? This is a really important meeting. I’m with my bosses, and you interrupted dinner with them? What are you doing?” she rants. “I can’t do this anymore. We need to be together. Just come back to L.A. with me,” Spencer says. Heidi stares at him.

Lauren and Lo cook crab legs as Chloe the puppy watches hungrily. They’ve invited Audrina to dinner but aren’t sure she’ll show. Lo feels like she hasn’t gotten to know Audrina very well yet and is nervous to enter her guesthouse. “I think I should talk to her,” Lauren says. “Well, good, I’m glad you nominated yourself,” Lo replies. At that moment, Audrina walks by the house on her way out. “I guess it’s you and me,” Lo tells Lauren.

It’s morning, and Brent Bolthouse waits impatiently outside the Palazzo. “You ready to roll?” Sam asks. “Two minutes for Heidi,” Brent replies, but Sam’s a busy guy: “Two minutes? We gotta go, man.” Brent calls Heidi one more time, but she doesn’t pick up, so her bosses leave without her. Heidi doesn’t seem to mind, though, as she’s brilliantly decided to give up this job opportunity and go back to L.A. with Spencer. Hope that music career works out for you, Heidi!

After discussing Audrina with everyone but Audrina, Lauren finally decides to bite the bullet and talk to her friend. “I just feel like slowly, slowly…I don’t know what it is, but we’re growing apart, and I don’t know if I did something…but it’s bumming me out,” Lauren tells her. “It always feels like you’re ignoring me because of Lo,” Audrina says. “I’m here all the time. You could walk in there,” Lauren says, trying not to cry. “It’s not about you, you know?” Audrina replies. “I just feel like Lo is the one pushing us apart.” Lauren brushes away a tear. “I’ve never let the opinions of others affect my friendships,” she says. They stare sadly at each other, and then Lauren gets up and goes back to her house, with nothing resolved.

Heidi and Spencer stand in front of their building. “Ready to go in?” Spencer asks. Heidi nods, and Season Three comes to a close. Don’t worry, though—I’m sure there will be drama aplenty when the show returns in August!

Shown: The Hills Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port. MTV.ca

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