Episode 25: A new roommate

They made it out of Teen Vogue‘s closet, but Lauren and Whitney still have to fold clothes – as we open, they’re doing just that at People’s Revolution. As usual, they’re discussing Lauren’s social life as they work. Lauren’s worried that Audrina’s recent spate of outings with Heidi will lead to more home visits. "I can’t tell [Audrina] what to do in her home," Lauren says, "but at the same time, it’s my home as well, and I don’t want people in there that I don’t get along with."

Hillside Villas. Lauren and Lo help Audrina choose an outfit for their girls’ night out at Goa. Lauren says that Steph might make an appearance. "Maybe she’ll bring Heidi!" Lo jokes. Lauren and Audrina stare at her in awkward silence.

Heidi’s apartment. Steph helps Heidi choose an outfit for their girls’ night out at – where else? – Goa. "I finally just wanna have a girls’ night and have a good night… I don’t need that extra stress," Heidi says. Steph wisely decides to warn her that Lauren will be there. "Don’t freak out," she adds helpfully. Heidi’s optimistic – "Maybe this will be the first time it’s okay," she says. "I don’t have a problem with her. I’ll be nice to her. It’s old water under the bridge."

Goa. Everybody drinks and has fun and nothing crazy happens at all…unless you count Heidi spotting Justin Bobby and sneaking over to warn Audrina about him, Justin actually coming over to talk to Audrina, Heidi introducing herself to him and loudly rambling about how she and Audrina were friends long before Audrina and Lauren were, and Lauren gamely trying to ignore Heidi before giving up, refusing to pretend everything’s fine and leaving with Lo. Just a typical night out, really.

Heidi’s apartment, the next morning. "How much fun was last night!?" a chipper Steph asks. "It was fun, but it wasn’t really what I expected," Heidi replies. She still can’t understand why Lauren’s not running back to her with open arms now that Spencer’s gone. Her forehead almost furrows as she tries to force her face into a frown.

Hillside Villas. Lauren’s tired of the apartment and her lease is up soon, so she wants to get a house with Audrina…and Lo! When she runs this idea by Lo, her friend is all for it, but she’s not sure Audrina will be. "I’ll ask her," Lauren says. "Maybe she’ll bring Justin Bobby and Heidi to the new house!" Lo jokes, this time quickly clarifying, "That’s not allowed."

Restaurant. Audrina and Justin meet for dinner. "You smell good," Audrina tells him. He looks good, too – he’s tied his hair back and is dressed semi-normally in a black hat and jacket. Of course, he has to go and ruin it by replying that he hasn’t showered in weeks. He’s much more animated and friendly than usual, though, telling Audrina that no one’s been on his bike with him since her, reminiscing about their first date, and commiserating with her when she talks about Lauren and Heidi.

He’s certainly more supportive than Spencer – Heidi drops by Steph’s, but when the she-Pratt’s not there, she unwisely decides to discuss her Lauren-related insecurities with Spence. "I know you probably want to vent about this, but I really have no sympathy for you," Spencer says. "No offence, but I don’t really wanna talk about you out at clubs, so… enjoy your space."

Restaurant. Lauren and Lo are in the middle of a discussion about Audrina’s love life when Audrina joins them. They quickly change the subject to the proposed house, but this does nothing to alleviate the awkwardness, as this is the first Audrina’s heard of the plan. "Have you guys already been looking?" she asks. Lauren says they have, "a little bit." Lo says they weren’t sure she’d be open to the idea. "The social aspect of it is going to be different, but still just as fun," she says. Audrina looks unsure. "If you guys want me to move in with you, I will," she says nervously. "Yay, I’m so excited!" Lo remarks, and again, her words are met with awkward silence.

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