Episode 14: Forgive and forget

Teen Vogue. Lisa Love enters Lauren and Whitney’s office/closet and tells the girls that she wants them to attend Norman Lear’s Declare Yourself event celebrating the power of the vote. “Go, enjoy yourselves,” she says, handing them a flier. The girls just happen to check out the website for the event, and Whitney just happens to notice that Brent Bolthouse is on the advisory board. “Isn’t that Heidi’s boss?” Whitney asks. “Do you think Heidi will be there?”

Shockingly, she will be! Brent just happened to give Heidi a single ticket, and she and new co-worker Kimberly decide to meet up and go together.

Declare Yourself event. Lauren and Whitney arrive, talking excitedly about how they get to attend as guests instead of having to work an event, for once. Heidi and Kim arrive a few minutes later, also talking excitedly about how they get to attend as guests instead of having to work an event, for once. They just happen to enter the main room through one door as Lauren and Whitney are exiting through another, so the ex-friends miss seeing each other by mere seconds.

Paramore’s “Misery Business” ushers us out of the land of coincidence and into a bar, where Audrina is playing with Justin’s mass of half-formed dreadlocks. It’s just as romantic as it sounds. “I’m not a receptionist anymore,” Audrina announces. “I’m more involved. I get to help out with artists!” She even has her own cubicle now, complete with a table and a computer. Epic Records sure spoils its employees–I hear the company actually gives them chairs and pens now, too! She has to work with Sean Kingston the next day, and she’s a little nervous. “It’s my chance to really prove that–” she starts, but Justin cuts her off with an ill-timed belch. Audrina does not seem to find this as cute as she did last time.

Back at the party, Heidi finally spots Lauren and comes right on over. “Hi,” Heidi says. Lauren glares. A visibly uncomfortable Whitney introduces herself to an even more uncomfortable Kim. “I just haven’t talked to you, so I wanted to see how you’re doing,” Heidi says. Lauren glares some more. “If you want to apologize to me, I’ll talk to you,” she replies. The girls proceed to rehash their same old argument (“I didn’t do anything!” “Having your boyfriend do your dirty work doesn’t make you innocent”) as Whitney and Kim look like they’d like to be somewhere, anywhere else. Lauren finally just clams up, and Heidi flounces off.

Jimmy Kimmel Live. Audrina and Chiara watch as Sean Kingston rehearses a song. The rehearsal’s running long, and Audrina’s afraid she’ll have to break her date with Justin. “I could have him come by,” she suggests. “No, don’t do that. You’re at work,” Chiara says. Chiara is far too intelligent to be on this show.

Teen Vogue. Whitney tells Lauren that Heidi will never give up on trying to talk to her, and sure enough, Heidi just happens to instant message Lauren at that very moment. Lauren decides to let Heidi come to her apartment for a talk.

Jimmy Kimmel. Sean Kingston teaches Audrina and Chiara how to be cool. For future reference: If someone sings a song well, he did not “rock the house.” He is “poppin’,” or he “tore it up” or “shut it dowwwn.”

Heidi and Spencer’s. Spencer just happened to be looking through Heidi’s iChats on his computer, and found “the craziest iChat [he’s] ever read.” Instead of berating him for invading her privacy, Heidi defends herself, explaining that it’s past time she apologized to Lauren. Spencer has lost his touch and therefore loses this battle–he manages only a lame, “Be careful; you’re heading into the lion’s den.”

Lion’s den. Heidi enters, brandishing a bouquet of yellow roses. She compliments the apartment’s decor and cleanliness. It’s extremely awkward. Finally, “I can swear to you on my life, and to God, and everything, that I really had nothing to do with [the rumours],” she says. “But did Spencer?” Lauren asks. Heidi claims she doesn’t know, and Lauren’s not buying it. They shoot variations of “You know he did it” and “I had no idea” at each other until they’re both frustrated and near tears.

“I wish I could take it back! You don’t think that I miss you as a friend; you don’t think that I wish that none of this happened?” Heidi says. She’s almost shouting now. “I had no idea anything was happening. I really had no idea!”

“How can you hate someone so much that you literally wanna make them wish they were dead?” Lauren replies, trying hard to hold back tears. Heidi protests that Spencer doesn’t hate Lauren, but even she’s not buying that one. “I’m so sorry about all this,” Heidi says.

“The only thing, really, that there is to do is to forgive and forget,” Lauren says. “So I really do, I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you.” That is an argument-ending statement right there, and sure enough, Heidi takes it as her cue to leave. “I hope you have a great life,” she says on her way out. This show sure loves its happy endings, huh?

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