Episode 11: Jealousy

We open with Lauren and Brody on a date… a friend date, apparently, as Lauren pouts that she hasn’t been on a “real date” in three whole weeks! Brody counsels her on what to look for in her next guy: “Somebody who’s not Mr. Perfect all the time… somebody who’s gotta be a little bit of a bad boy.” He seems to be hinting at himself here, and Lauren sweetly refrains from pointing out that bad boys neither ask her to cuddle nor cry when she breaks their fingers.

Bolthouse. Heidi meets new events co-ordinator Kim, who says that everyone at Bolthouse has been calling her “the new Elodie.” Heidi blanches at the mere mention of Elodie’s name, and although Kim laughs off the comparison, I’m choosing to believe that associating herself with Elodie is all part of a devious plan to chip away at Heidi’s confidence and drive her away from Bolthouse a sobbing mess.

Smashbox Studios. It’s casting time for Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood issue, and Whitney’s been saddled with the arduous task of snapping Polaroids of attractive male models. Lauren’s job is equally horrid; she has to greet all of the models and tell them which clothes to try on. One of the guys, Gavin, recognizes her from a previous shoot and asks her out. Lauren plays it cool as she accepts, but can’t help but grin excitedly as soon as he leaves the room.

Heidi and Spencer’s. As Heidi prepares for a big NASCAR event, Spencer pouts on the couch. Seems he’d planned a surprise dinner to make up for their interrupted anniversary, and Heidi is selfishly prioritizing not getting fired over eating with him. “I’ll see you at our anni-oh, you’re not coming to our anniversary!” he whines. “Ohhh, I’ll be at work; why don’t you try it?” Heidi snaps as she exits.

Hillside Villas. Lauren, Lo and Audrina are lounging on the couch and discussing Lauren’s upcoming date. The other girls seem more excited than Lauren herself–when she finds out that Gavin will be accompanying them to Brody’s BBQ, Lo actually exclaims, “I love passing judgment on people!” while clapping her hands with glee.

Brody’s BBQ. Gavin indeed shows, and Brody, while careful to point out (more than once) that he’s not jealous, takes it upon himself to judge Gavin’s boyfriend potential. Unlike the last date one of our girls dragged to Brody’s beach house, Gavin’s not wearing combat boots, which is a point in his favour. However, Brody concludes that the poor guy is “a little short” and “being Mr. Perfect.” Mr. Jenner also spends much of the night stealing longing glances at Lauren… who, despite her protests that she has no feelings for Brody, is looking back at him more often than at Gavin.

NASCAR event. Spencer calls Heidi and whines some more, then hangs up on her when she tries to apologize for daring to do her job. “Now he’s mad… it’s not my fault,”    Heidi complains to Kim. “I’m sure it’ll be fine; just talk to him about it when you get home, you know?” Kim says distractedly, avoiding eye contact. Way to nip an annoying personal conversation in the bud, New Elodie! You can stay.

Spencer is not having a good week. He shows up at Bolthouse the next morning and asks for Heidi, only to be met by an “And you are?” from the receptionist. Then Heidi has the gall to refuse to leave an important work meeting and eat lunch with him. Then she won’t let him confront Brent about her long hours! Finally, she cuts their conversation short, pointedly ignoring his passive-aggressive barbs as she walks away.

Date night at Sushi Dan’s! “I get a baked salmon roll every single time I come here,”     Gavin says. “I’m not a huge salmon fan,” Lauren replies… so Gavin orders up the salmon and makes her try it. “It’s good,” Lauren lies, covering her mouth with her hand and mentally begging Gavin to stop staring at her so she can spit the offensive piece of fish into her napkin.

Hillside Villas. As soon as she gets home, Lauren calls Brody. “Somebody’s home awfully early for a date night!” he teases. “It was a great date with no sparks,” Lauren says. Brody asks how she plans to spend the rest of her night, and she says she’s going to watch a movie. “If it’s not a boring movie, how about I watch a movie with you? What movie is it?” Brody asks. “Does it really matter?” Lauren says shyly, and alone in his car, Brody grins.

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