Episode 10: What Goes Around

In her opening voiceover, Lauren tells us that she hasn’t spoken to Audrina since their fight in Vegas.

Teen Vogue. “How was Vegas?” Whitney asks. “Brody kissed me,” Lauren replies, smirking as she watches Whitney’s eyes widen  with familiar exaggerated astonishment. Then, aware that Lauren must receive all important, plot-advancing texts while at work, Jen Bunney takes this opportunity to message Lauren and tell her she really needs to talk.

Hillside Villas. Lauren and Audrina have a classy black “LA” mounted on the wall over their couch, which I like to imagine is a subtle dig at Spencer’s trashy “Hollywood” graffiti. (Actually, the letters are probably up there because they’re the girls’ initials, but my explanation is more fun.) Lauren sits down beside Audrina and launches into an apology. “I’m a very stubborn person, and I don’t like to admit when I’m wrong,” she says. Heidi moved out because of their disagreement over a guy, and Lauren doesn’t want that to happen again. “I need to just basically shut up and be happy for you when you’re happy. So I’m really sorry.” Audrina happily accepts the apology.

Afternoon shopping partner Lo, however, is not so happy that Lauren apologized. “Justin’s a loser, whatever,” she says dismissively. She’s even less happy that Lauren plans to meet Jen for lunch. “Buns?” she says, her shocked expression rivaling Whitney’s. She all but begs Lauren to stay home. “I love you, and I don’t want that mean girl to be mean to you again!”

Speaking of mean girls, we now join Heidi at Bolthouse, where Brent is giving her a talking-to over her Emmy screw up. “You have to be a hundred per cent on your game,” he says. “You can’t let your home life interfere, you can’t let your personal life interfere. It can happen once. It can’t happen twice.” His reprimand wasn’t bad , but it could have been better. Brent should call up Lisa Love and ask for some advice.

Outdoor café. Lauren joins Jen and they make awkward small talk for a couple of minutes before Buns can’t hold her gossip in any longer. “You know the whole sex tape thing?” she asks. Lauren vaguely remembers it, I’m sure. “I think [Heidi] thinks that Brody is responsible for the rumours.” Lauren simply stares back at her, so Jen continues: “I don’t know. I really don’t know. I don’t want to get involved.” Lauren refrains from calling her on this blatant lie, assuring Jen that she’s not buying Brody as the villain.

Venice Bistro. Audrina and Justin play pool, and he tells her that he enjoys outings like this, with fewer people around. Audrina lets him know that Lauren apologized for butting in on their relationship. “I think things should be happy and blissful and just… mellow,” Justin says. “That stuff–you know how I feel about that. It’s just, like… why? Who has the patience? Life’s too short.” That speech was less incomprehensible than usual; I’m almost disappointed.

Lauren meets Brody for dinner and updates him on the latest sex tape news. She believes him when he denies spreading the rumours, but she wants him to look at her and tell her that Spencer and Heidi did it. Brody, unlike Buns, really doesn’t want to get involved, but finally relents. “Lauren? I know one hundred per cent fact that they did it,” he says. “Thank you,” Lauren replies.

Bunney, who is absolutely incapable of staying out of the drama, hops up to Heidi, tells her that she and Lauren are friends again, and asks Heidi if she spread the rumours. Heidi, insulted, denies it. “What about Spencer?” Jen asks. Heidi’s sure he had nothing to do with it, either. 

Or is she? Later that night, Heidi interrupts Spencer as he’s reading Intelligent Investing (because, as he stated in a new Radar interview, he wants to be a billionaire by the time he’s 30) to relay Brody’s accusations. “I just think it’s so sad that they’re blaming you. Right?” she asks. Spencer doesn’t respond; he just squints shiftily. “Spencer…” Heidi says, and a flicker of understanding crosses her face. It’s about time, sweetie. It’s about time.

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