Watch Emma Watson Flaunt Her Vocal Skills in This New Beauty and the Beast Trailer

With the Beauty and the Beast press tour officially kicking off, fans (including us!) cannot contain their excitement for this year’s most-anticipated live-action Disney reboot. Up until now, we’ve been teased with everything from video clips to trailers to costume exhibitions. While we’ve still got a little while to go until it hits a theatres near us (fyi, it’s March 17), Emma Watson is helping us make the waiting period a little more bearable. Case in point: Her new Instagram account, featuring her environmentally friendly press-tour looks.

But just when we thought Watson’s #ootd-dedicated Instagram account was the last surprise, Disney released another video (because what’s one more trailer, right?), this time showcasing the 26-year-old actress singing her character’s namesake song. Not only do we get an idea of what the set looks like, but we finally get to hear the UN Ambassador’s vocal skills. Honestly, what can she not do?

As we count down the days until the film hits theatres, watch Watson sing one of our fave songs in the meantime.