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12 of the Most Embarrassing Celebrity Falls Onstage


The best thing about a live performance is that anything can happen. For example: you could be exposed for lip-synching, have Justin Timberlake “accidentally” rip off your top, or just not sing at all.

We may view our fave celebrities as flawless creatures, but even the most famous of performers take tumbles on (or off!) the stage every now and again. Like the professionals they are, these superstars pick themselves back up, because the show must go on!

Here, a roundup of most embarrassing falls onstage from Ariana Grande to Lady Gaga, and Harry Styles to Justin Bieber. We hope that their bottoms (and their egos) have recovered.

Katy Perry

Okay, so it wasn’t Katy herself who took a tumble at the 2017 Brit Awards. The singer might not be clumsy herself, but she sure knows how to *bring the house down*. One of Perry’s dancing houses—which has now affectionately been named the “New Left Shark”—walked right off stage during the performance. Twitter has comically imagined the accident as a euphemism for Trump’s White House.

Travis Scott

Rapper Travis Scott made a surprise appearance at one of Drake’s concerts in London recently. However, that wasn’t the only shock that came to fans: Scott ended up falling down a hole in the stage which was housing a giant globe, part of Drake’s set. Turns out the impact damaged the prop, which led Drake telling his fans: “I’m doing this shit for free tonight.” We hope there’s no hard feelings between the two!

Ariana Grande

Bang! Bang! It’s no wonder the pint-sized singer fell during the Toronto leg of her Honeymoon Tour—check out those crazy heels!


Remember that time Miguel crushed a couple of fans with his crotch at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards? Perhaps the charming R&B star should leave stage diving to the pros.

Lady Gaga

The higher you climb, the harder you fall. But a dramatic tumble from atop a piano didn’t faze Gaga, who continued on with her show. Talk about a Poker Face.

Justin Bieber

Perhaps the Biebs should pay less attention to his outfit, and start watching where he’s walking. Just an idea.

Harry Styles

We are mesmerized by the way the Styles’ hair moves as he tumbles! He even falls with style (sorry, we had to).

Iggy Azalea

The “Fancy” singer shows her fans how to “Drop it low and pick it up, just like this.”

Demi Lovato

Slippery stages are a recipe for disaster. It’s no wonder Lovato wiped-out at this pool party performance in Miami.

Joe Jonas

Hey Joe, where’d you go? Thankfully, 2/3 of the JoBros were left standing. We’re still not sure if this was an accident or a prank for the fans.

Taylor Swift

If anyone knows how to shake off an embarrassing moment, it’s Taylor Swift.


Yikes. The “So What” singer was rushed to the hospital after this cringe-worthy accident, but later sent a tweet to fans “hoping it at least looked cool.”

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