Photography via Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock

Elizabeth Chambers: Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother and… Matchmaker?

Elizabeth Chambers leads a pretty hectic life. Somehow between running BIRD Bakery, her business with outlets in San Antonio and Dallas; travelling around the world for panels and events on entrepreneurship and being a successful businesswoman; supporting her husband Armie Hammer at every single premiere, red carpet gala and film festival (ICYMI, he’s had a busy couple of years); running around after two kids; and being a judge on TV shows like Cupcake Wars, she also finds the time to play matchmaker—albeit in a slightly non-traditional sense.

If you’re one of Chambers’ 215,000 followers on Instagram, you might have noticed that she frequently shares snapshots of her single friends (and sometimes strangers!) on her Stories, shouting out their single-ness, their attributes and their Instagram handles, as any good social media cupid should know how to do.

Her success rate is presently unknown but given how many matches are being made on the internet these days, maybe she’s on to something. After all, isn’t how much a person seems to be loved by his or her friends a pretty good sign?

Click through for a look at just some of the people she’s shouted out in the past couple of months.