These Ed Sheeran Game of Thrones Tweets Are All You’ll Need Today


ICYMI, last night was the season seven premiere of Game of Thrones. And if you did miss it, turn back now—spoilers ahead!

The highly-anticipated return of the world’s favourite TV show was full of show-stopping scenes: Arya Stark proved the “North remembers” by killing everyone in House Frey, Euron Greyjoy showed up at King’s Landing to ask Cersei for her hand in marriage, Daenerys Targaryen arrived in Dragonstone, where she has her own throne and strategy room. It was an epic comeback, and we expected nothing less.

However, the most shocking moment of the night (according to Twitter) is actually something we’ve known about for months. That’s right. Ed Sheeran showed up in The Seven Kingdoms. If you missed last night’s episode, here’s the clip.

Uhhhhh. Hi Ed. Are you lost? Do you need help finding your way back to your castle on the hill?

It’s super cute that the “Shape of You” singer showed up on set to surprise Maisie Williams (who plays Arya, and is a huge Sheerio IRL), but was it really necessary for Ed to sing a song and have several lines? One reviewer wrote: “As if Arya hasn’t suffered enough, she stumbled upon an impromptu woodland performance by the ginger pop hobbit.” Fair enough! Let’s be honest guys, Sheeran’s cameo didn’t exactly enhance the narrative. The best excuse for the pop star’s distracting performance? The memes that followed it.

Here are the funniest Twitter reactions to Ed Sheeran being cast as Game of Throne‘s Unnamed Lannister Soldier Number 3819: