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The Duke of Sussex Addresses Private Jet Use as he Launches New Eco-Friendly Travel Initiative

"It is about balance"

Following huge media criticism in recent weeks over his use of private jets, Prince Harry has announced the launch of a new eco-friendly travel initiative, Travalyst. At the launch event in Amsterdam, the Duke of Sussex also defended he and Meghan’s recent travel choices telling press it was a matter of safety.

Addressing a question in relation to the recent controversy, Harry (who was given the option of dodging by the question by the compare but chose not to) said, “I came here [to Amsterdam] on commercial. I spend 99 per cent of my life travelling the world by commercial. Occasionally there needs to be an opportunity based on unique circumstance to ensure that my family are safe. It’s genuinely as simple as that. But as I said in my speech, it is about balance.” He added, “If I have to [fly commercial] – and it’s not a decision I would want to take but if I have to do that – then I will ensure, as I have done previously and will continue to ensure that I do, is to balance out the impact I have.”

To help others balance their environmental impact when travelling, Harry has teamed up with, TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, Ctrip and Visa on Travalyst. The initiative’s aim is to help consumers understand their impact on the environment and communities when travelling. The name, says Sussex Royal’s Instagram page, “comes from the Duke and partners viewing our role in sustainable travel as catalysts to accelerate positive changes in travel. Travel + catalyst = Travalyst.”

In a post explaining the new initiative, the Duke explained, “Travalyst aims to make travel more sustainable, to help protect destinations and benefit communities long into the future, and to enable consumers to make more environmentally friendly choices whilst travelling.” During the panel in Amsterdam, Harry was quick to point out that the purpose of the initiative isn’t to encourage people to travel less, but rather to be conscious of their choices.

In the coming months, the initiative will see the partnering companies provide travellers with ways to support local communities, protect wildlife, eliminate single-use plastic, offset carbon emissions from flights and relieve overcrowding in the destinations they travel to.

As for the Duke’s own travel plans, it was confirmed across the weekend that he and Meghan will travel with baby Archie to South Africa for a royal tour, beginning September 23.

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