Dubsmash: See the hilarious app that celebrities are obsessed with

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What would you get if Snapchat and Instagram had a lovechild? The answer: Dubsmash. The new(ish) app is our favourite way to kill time, whether we’re waiting in that ridiculously long line at Starbucks or counting down the last excruciating minutes on the treadmill. Launched last November by three German app designers, Dubsmash allows users to record themselves lip-syncing to famous quotes, songs, and movie scenes, and then post or share privately (for those a little more shy about their acting skills) between friends. It’s highly addictive and insanely entertaining.

We’ve rounded up our favourite celebrity Dubsmash posts to help kickstart your addiction.

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Kate Upton does her best Shrek impersonation.

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Ashley Benson, our summer issue cover girl is making it clear she ain’t no Miley.

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Jennifer Lopez and her makeup artist Mary Phillips do a perfect reenactment of this scene from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

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Toni Garrn is not only one of our best dressed celebrities but one of our favourite Dubsmashers.

Hailey Baldwin shows off her impressive dance moves with Kendall Jenner, despite having recently broken her foot.

Cara Delevingne demonstrates why she’s transitioning to acting as she nails this multi-person Chicken Run scene. 


Camila Cabello, Fifth Harmony star, is a perfect Donkey from Shrek.

Sarah Hyland, was one of the first celeb Dubsmash users and her Tyra impersonation is on point! 

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Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss model besties acting cute while killing time on location.

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We gave Olivia Wilde 2 spots because we just couldn’t choose. 

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