Dog days of summer

It’s the end of this fashionable girls favourite season and the second bottle of Skyy Vodka this year has just landed on my desk. (TIFF is less than a week away and sponsor Skyy has come up with some tasty cocktails to commemorate the annual film fest, hence the new addition to my at-home bar. Atom’s Amarula Colada, (Click for recipes) after Canadian star director Atom Egoyan, looks delish.) One shouldn’t really look a gift horse in the mouth, but on a morning such as this, I can’t bear to look at it—just yet.

Last night was the opening night of one of Toronto’s new haute spots. On the soon-to-be fully renovated Ossington Avenue, where Jonathan + Olivia will sell Alexander Wang and Delux turns out the yummiest home made chocolate chip cookies, is my new favourite restaurant. Pizzeria Libretto (221 Ossington Ave., 416-532-8000) is the brainchild of Max Rimaldi, former manager of many Hogtown restos, such as Ferro, Brant House and Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse, and will likely soon have a nameplate bearing my moniker next to one of the sleek silver barstools. This is partly because I want to be able to see my boyfriend again (he’s Libretto’s handsome manager), but mostly because of their fresh take on an Italian staple.

Libretto chef, Rocco Agostino, prides himself on using all-natural ingredients and it shines through from appetizer to main course to dessert. So far my faves: the burrata and heirloom tomato starter, the mascarpone and apricot bruschetta, the duck confit pizza and the chocolate and hazelnut sorbet. Not to mention that Libretto is being trendy in the best possible way: serving purified flat tap water or sparkling filtered water (read: no bottles) and ordering many of their ingredients from local vendors, they’re thankfully keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum. The bevvie list also includes yummy prosecco (possibly why I can’t bear to think about alcohol today) and a carefully thought out card of Italian reds and whites. You’ll know where to find me this season: I’ll be sitting at Libretto’s marble bar, reading the latest five-pound fall fashion issues and chatting with some new friends. Ciao, bella.