Dell collaborates with Threadless on some charming laptop art

Putting stickers on your laptop is never a good idea. They inevitably begin to peel off and then the employees at the Mac Store Genius Bar always raise an eyebrow at the grey sticky residue polluting the shell of your Macbook when all you really wanted was a functioning track pad.

In a series of partnerships, the folks over at Dell have teamed up with the likes of OPI and Product (Red) to add a little bit of pep to their laptops, making further bedazzlement unnecessary. In their most recent collabo, they’ve joined forces with Threadless (, a global graphic design community with over 80,000 members, to bring 11 new laptop lids featuring work from Threadless’s user-submitted portfolio. The designs add US$85 to the purchase of one of Dell’s Studio 15 laptops, but they make for a fine bit of embellishment. And tell us those two lovebirds perched on the deer’s back isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

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