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Photograph courtesy of Instagram/GreenRanger14

Former Raptor Danny Green has Made a Documentary Celebrating Canada

"This summer was my time to get to know a country that showed me so much love."

Although Danny Green won’t be returning as a Raptor this season (he signed a two-year contract with the Lakers for 2019-2020), Canada still holds a special place in the championship player’s heart.

Green lived in Toronto for a little under a year while playing for Raptors but, due to the intense training and playing schedule, got little time to explore the city or its surroundings in that time. To rectify that, Green has teamed up with TSN to shoot a documentary called Beyond The Arc which explores a variety of cities and cultures across Canada.

Announcing the news via Instagram, Green wrote, “For a lil [sic] under year Canada was my home and quickly became a special place for me. As an NBA player during the season we never really get a chance to explore the places we live. This summer I made it a priority to really explore the culture and get to know Canada first hand.” Green joked that he is fully aware that he is now a Laker (in response to trolling from fans asking why he was still in Canada), adding, “This summer was my time to get to know a country that showed me so much love.”

From the short teaser clip shared on Instagram, several noteworthy cameos are visible in the video. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes an appearance, so too does Green’s former teammate Fred VanVleet and professional UFC fighter George St. Pierre.

Beyond The Arc is scheduled to air on TSN on September 9.

The news of the documentary comes shortly after the Raptors revealed their new jerseys for the season ahead. Sharing the jersey via Instagram, the club revealed it is reverting back to the original dinosaur motif, however the design has been updated. The style was first spotted on Kyle Lowry during the Raptors’ Championship Parade.

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