Why Was Dakota Fanning Surprised by This Picture of Her at TIFF?

Is this even me? I’m not sure, but I’m goin with it. #tiff2016

A photo posted by Dakota Fanning (@dakotafanning) on

After posing in the InStyle photo studio at the Toronto International Film Festival, Dakota Fanning posted the image on her Insta feed with this comment: “Is this even me? I’m not sure, but I’m goin with it. #tiff2016

We asked the star of American Pastoral about the shot when we chatted with her on Saturday. “It’s so unfortunate that we can never see ourselves as others see us,” she said. “We look at ourselves in a mirror and you pick out things you don’t like and then other people look at you and see none of those things. So with that picture, I thought I looked good! You always hope you look good in pictures and seven times out of 10 you don’t look the way you want to look.” The 22-year old actress said that she’s well aware of the pressures women feel when it comes to living up to some ideal beauty standard, but added she has a pretty healthy perspective. “My sister did a film called the Neon Demon, which is about beauty and beauty standards and how the most beautiful people in the world hate something about themselves. It’s just human nature. Nobody is above insecurity but for me I try to accept this is the body I’m born with and it’s what I’m working with.”

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