CNTM Episode 6: Go-see the Big Apple

Photography by Amber Gray
Photography by Amber Gray

It’s Canada’s Next Top Model meets The Amazing Race as the girls travel to New York City to make the go-see rounds.

Big Silver Haired Brother is watching: The creepy Jay Mail says, “I can see you, but can you see me?” Do you think it’s one of the apartment’s many Jay-inspired art pieces. Chills.

Actually: Jay’s at the CN Tower–with a brunette Rebecca Hardy. Nikita doesn’t “do heights well” or elevators. It’s always something.  Says Jay, “Kinda looks like the view from my apartment in New York.Would you guys like to see what my apartment view looks like? Well, I mean I could show you a picture or you could just GO TO NEW YORK CITY?” I doubt they’ll actually go to his apartment.
Again with the passport: Maryam can’t go and they’re not going to help her out with an extra photo shoot this time. Seriously, what is up? When I needed a passport for work, I got it in two days. Two. It can be done.

Now that’s optimism: Nikita calls go-sees “the most horrible thing in the world” because she modeled in Singapore and “never landed a job because I was a fat ass.”

Best impression of The Amazing Race: The girls get $100, a map, a cell and their portfolio and have to do four go-sees in two and a half hours.

The Oscar for Best Cab Drama: A tie between Meaghan taking wet, crabby Nikita’s cab and Heather’s “I didn’t even know what side of the road you had to be on.” Are there no cabs in Halifax?

Best Boy Scout preparedness: Linsay packs flats and changes her clothes in the cab.

Showdown at the Richie Rich corral: Nikita arrives at Richie Rich while Meaghan is still in there and has to wait in the hall. For some reason, this made her cranky. The designer would book Meaghan for a show, but finds Nikita  “reserved.”

Worst rookie mistake: Heather wears flat biker boots, not heels. Bad, bad, bad. But, they will keep her comfortable as she wanders forever trying to locate “First East Street.”

Guess they wouldn’t book the girl with 56 stars on her face: Tibi likes Linsay’s easy walk, but not her tattoos. Their least favourite is Nikita, who’s annoyed at having to walk so many times.

Our special guest today: Elmer Olsen! The girls arrive at the modelling agency and Elmer gives them their assessments—except for Nikita who was approximately one second late (or so it seems from editing). He tells Linsay that the designers thought she had a different look, which is good—“better than no look at all.” Meaghan was pretty and fresh, which sometimes means “she may not book that Chanel show.” And Heather, “with the flat boots on.” Yikes.

Go-see winner: Meaghan, with Linsay a close second.

Yes, but look at your source: Meaghan remarks, “I didn’t get eaten alive by the industry like I was told I would.” You mean, like bitter Nikita told you you would.

Best New York cliché: The girls head to Times Square where the camera man gets a nice low shot showing the big city surrounds.

Best understatement: Meaghan’s assertion that New York has a “different atmosphere than Winnipeg.”

Saddest editing: The girls bet that Maryam is setting up her own photo shoot and then kind of make fun of her and say how they don’t miss her. Cut to Maryam saying she misses them.

Today’s premise: The girls have to take two pictures for a composite shot—one as a wig-donning diva, the other as a dorky, glasses-wearing crew member. (Nikita snorts, Urkel style). Nothing really happens, but Linsay is priceless when she has trouble channelling a nerd: “Some people are just born cool and I’m one of ’em.”

Best candidate for another reality show: Linsay wears a long blonde wig and though she says “glamour Barbie” it’s really more RuPaul’s Drag Race. Heather looks like a not-sexy Elvira impersonator.

And then…: Maryam sets up a shoot with a friend and a gecko.

Oh, you bet there was screaming: Video Jay gives them a credit card with $5000, saying “you do the math,” which they totally already had, figuring out that they could split Maryam’s share.

Gee, thanks: After a day at Intermix and a fancy-for-them dinner, they buy Maryam an I heart NY T-shirt.

Battle of the waiter jackets: Nikita and Meaghan both show up to judging in wide lapel waiter-style blazers. Edge: Meaghan with the slick black leggings. Nikita wins best makeup though: thick liner on the top lid and nothing else.

Today’s panel: Jeanne has laryngitis from Fashion Week and Richie Rich is there doing some Chuck Bass-style lip pursing.

Geek not-so-chic: The judges thought Nikita’s geeky photog shot was both “Urkel” and “too real.”

Best save: Despite looking like a drag queen, Linsay saves the shot with thoughtful posing—the tensed arms and focus of a hairstylist and the detachment of a diva.

Most confusing use of a lizard: Maryam hands over her photo and goes into some story about the gecko and how it represents her, much to the confusion of the judges (and audience). Jay points out the disadvantage she has, but says she’ll be judged on her body of work. Nikita looks disgusted with the whole thing.

Photo of the week: Linsay

Bye: Heather

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