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Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Meghan Markle’s Dad: “Let Your Daughter Be Happy, Please.”

This weekend Chrissy Teigen tweeted what just about everyone has been thinking in regards to Meghan Markle’s dad: “Let your daughter be happy, please.”

Thomas Markle has been a near-constant fixture in the news cycle since his daughter got engaged to Prince Harry last year and the headlines have been pretty cringe-worthy. From staged “candid” photos to paid tell-all interviews, he’s made some questionable choices and given some even more questionable quotes to the media.

“They [the Royal Family] have Meghan treating her father in a way that Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, would have loathed,” he said in a recent nine-hour (you read right… nine hours) interview with the Daily Mail, in which he takes credit for all of his daughter’s success. In another he asks, “Who cares these days about a dusty old crown?”

Markle’s constant prattling to the papers has really put a damper on what should be a happy time for these newlyweds and the incessant interviewing has made many people want to put their hands up and say, “Enough!”

Enter Chrissy Teigen, Queen of Twitter, telling it how it is. Her opinion? “This guy sucks.”

A lot of people agreed…

However, there was one person who piped up to criticize Teigen: Samantha Grant, Meghan Markle’s half-sister and yet another family member who has had no problem sharing their opinions publicly. Grant’s Twitter account is private, but yesterday she posted a response to Teigen’s tweet, referring to the celeb as a “pudgy airhead” before going on to say that her father “deserves a lot of respect” and “you are the one who sucks.”

Teigen isn’t usually one to let a clap-back go unanswered, but so far there’s been no response on her end. In this case though, is a reply even worth it? We’re guessing Teigen thinks not.


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