Inside Chloe Wise’s new exhibit making art of Chanel pancakes

Chloe Wise Exhibit
Photography by Aaron Wynia

You may have heard something about a Chanel bagel bag late last year, and chances are that you either want to eat it, buy it, or sniff it for origin. Well, that was the idea. The bag in question was the work of Chloe Wise, a 24-year-old Canadian artist, whose ironic blend of snacks and fashion has catapulted her to Internet fame. The NYC-based Wise is all about early aught status bags, transforming them into cheeky sculpture in the name of art. “Those bags represented a form of luxury that, despite their small size and near functionless-ness, afforded their owner a position of status,” says Wise. For those entering teen years at that time, status bags are the ultimate timestamps, from Vuitton’s Murakami collab to Dior’s saddlebag (I had a fake Gucci fanny pack, but that’s about it).

Wise has created a whole collection of status symbols (they’re actually urethane sculptures), which are now on view at her just-opened exhibit, “Pissing, Shmoozing and Looking Away” (at Division Gallery through June 13). There’s Belgian Moschino waffles, Gucci whipped cream and, of course, Chanel pancakes. Flip through our gallery for a taste of Chloe Wise’s baked spin.