Lili Reinhart Claps Back at Trolling Cole Sprouse Fan Who Called Her “So 2013 Tumblr”

"Get your facts straight, Emily." 

At one point or another, we’ve all wished to live like the stars. Access to VIP parties, beautiful clothes, the best makeup artists and hair stylists…the list goes on. However, the rich and fab don’t always have it easy, especially in the age of Internet trolls. While publicists will sometimes step in to diffuse the situation, some celebs (think social media pros like RiRi and Chrissy Teigen) take matters into their own hands, eloquently calling out cyber bullies in 140 characters or less.

The latest celeb under attack? Lili Reinhart.  The Riverdale actress has historically kept mum about her relationship with her costar, Cole Sprouse—but if her you comment something nasty about her love life, you can expect her to hit back. Hard.


On September 19, Twitter user Emily Rose shared a screenshot of a chat between her and a friend, captioned, “The scoop on @lilireinhart.” The shot included a screengrab of Lili’s recent tweet, “Fashion week is great and all, but have you ever spent a rainy weekend inside cuddled up with your bae?” with the comment, “How come this cringey b*tch gets to date cole but i dont.”

“She is so 2013 Tumblr,” the tweeter wrote, “She probably tells him to touch her butt and buy her pizza.”

It’s harsh, we know. Lili took the opportunity to jab right back, retweeting the diss and adding, “No no… I tell him to touch me ~everywhere~ and then we eat Chinese food. Get your facts straight, Emily.”

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