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These Celebrities Are Speaking Out Against Trump

As Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” escalates, celebrities have been speaking out about the new president’s decision. They have made it clear that they refuse to get on board, whether they bring their messages to events like the SAG Awards or their personal social media pages.

It has been a little over a week since Trump’s inauguration, and he has already forbidden people, including refugees, from seven different Muslim-majority countries to enter America.

People have also taken to deleting Uber after the company suspended surge pricing at JFK Airport and still collected passengers amidst an anti-Trump protest. At this time, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance was protesting the ban by refusing to collect passengers around the airport. This created the #DeleteUber hashtag that has been trending.

Since Trump signed the immigration order, a mosque was burned down in Texas hours later and six people were pronounced dead after a shooting in a Quebec mosque. The ban has initiated a surge of anti-Muslim hate crimes, and many celebrities feel the need to take a stand.

Big-name stars including, but not limited to, Rihanna, Miley CyrusKim Kardashian, Kerry Washington, Chrissy Teigen and Ashton Kutcher have publicly shown their disapproval of Trump’s order and their Uber boycott.

Here are some of the celebrities who spoke out:

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