Celeb Spy: DJ’ing duo

In between nights out on the town with a certain Toronto public relations man, a very handsome Mark Wahlberg was spotted last week shooting scenes for his latest flick Max Payne at a Queen Street East parking lot (the crew was also spotted the week before, just down the street at Church and Adelaide). In mega-star-style, while the crew spent the better part of the day setting up the shoot, Wahlberg was later dropped off on set in a limo, hopping directly into the car in which he was shooting his scene. Nearby, resident neighbours said the star was very friendly, even waving to on-lookers in between takes.

There was also some major star-wattage in Vancouver last week, as Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp joined the crew of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, taking over the role of Heath Ledger (who is said to be garnering major post-humorous Oscar buzz for his role in The Dark Knight movie set to come out in July). Farrell and Depp were both seen out with the cast (including Verne Troyer and model Lily Cole), and crew until the wee hours of the morning, with Farrell apparently taking a whiz off the balcony of the establishment they were at.

With spring somewhat in the air, this fashionable girl is definitely looking forward to next week! After some serious show shopping, I’ll be hitting the Toronto Fashion Week parties (check back often for my posts on the hottest parties in the city), and ending my week on a date with Chromeo, the amazingly talented Montreal DJ’ing duo, at the Opera House on Saturday.

Shown: DJ’ing duo, Chromeo. Photography by May Truong.

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