Cara Delevingne stars in Die Antwoord’s latest music video

Earlier this morning via Instagram, Cara Delevingne announced the release of Die Antwoord‘s latest music video, “Ugly Boy,” in which she stars alongside many famous friends acting, well, weird.

Enlisting in an interesting cast of celebs like Jack Black, Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dita Von Teese and the ATL Twins, the camera plays back and forth between three acts. A few mentionable scenes include Manson handing Yo-Landi a burning rose, Cara Delevingne (in face paint) jumping on Ninja‘s back, as well as Von Teese clad in nipple pasties, doing her signature strip-tease. One thing we’re not particularly fond of is the majorly-offensive random dude dancing around in blackface costume.

Despite the bizarreness of this video, the song is pretty mellowed-out compared to some of the South African duo’s other tunes and even a girl like me, who lives and breathes Taylor Swift, found myself jamming out in the office (with headphones of course).

You’ve been forewarned, but watch the video and let us know what you think.

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