Canadian couples alert!

It’s still a few weeks before the Film Fest, and Toronto has been a hot spot for Canadian celeb couples. Last week, on an extremely busy Thursday night, Avril Lavigne and hubby Deryck Whibley were spotted dining at their new Toronto haunt, Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse on Brant Street.

But in even more pleasantly surprising news, downtown gal Rachel McAdams and ex-boyfriend Ryan Gosling (who our spy says was quite handsome) were seen on what looked like a double date at Grace restaurant on College Street last night. Walking in around 10 p.m., the group noshed on oysters and drank red wine (Gosling, who seemed very comfortable with his ex, even tried McAdams’s wine at one point). Could this be the beginning stages of a reunion between the two stars, or are they simply still good friends? They were also spotted together not too long ago in L.A. Looks like for now, we can only hope.

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