All the celeb-filled moments from the just-released Bitch I’m Madonna video

If we were ever going to sign up for Tidal (or at least a free month’s trial) this may be the day. Madonna‘s newest video, Bitch I’m Madonna, was just released on the music streaming service and is packed with more celebrities and fashion folk than you can count in just one watch. Shot on location at The Standard’s Meatpacking location in New York, the video features everyone from Beyonce to Kanye West to Katy Perry (shimmying in an outfit by Canadian designer Hayley Elsaesser). The only artist actually featured in the song, Nicki Minaj, is livestreamed into the action via a futuristic screen, pink wig and all. And the cameos keep on coming at rapid pace. But hey we’re not complaining (except for those FOMO pangs for what seems like one epic party).

If there were any whispers of comparison between this and Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video, they’ll quickly be squashed after today. Who needs Uzis when you’ve got a Boom Boom Room full of Moschino-clad celebs?

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