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Watch What Happens When Bishop Briggs Does a Tarot Card Reading

If you haven’t heard of Bishop Briggs, get ready to see more of her everywhere.

The Los Angeles-based musician, who’s best known for her breakthrough single “River” as well as “Wild Horses” (which you may have heard in Acura’s TLX commercial), is currently on her first headlining tour, less than a month after performing at Coachella. Oh, and she also opened for Coldplay last year. Not too bad for a girl who just released her self-titled debut EP last month, right?

Briggs (whose real name is Sarah Grace McLaughlin) hails from Bishop Briggs, Scotland (hence the stage name), but grew up in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the latter of which sparked her love for music. (She grew up going to karaoke bars with her family, where her dad sang Frank Sinatra while she sang Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All.”) Flash-forward to 2017, and Bishop is now being likened to Florence Welch and Banks, and was touted as a “Need to Know” artist by Rolling Stone late last year.

In addition to music, Briggs also enjoys getting in touch with her spiritual side—meditating using the “Headspace” app and reading tarot cards. So, while Bishop was in Toronto as part of her tour, we decided to have her pull some cards, both for herself and for our viewers, and let’s just say things got interesting.

Watch the video below to see it all go down (and see how well she does in our Canadian song trivia game!).

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