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Meet Dacre Montgomery, Stranger Things 2′s Babelicious Bad Boy

Here are three things you’ll know if you’ve already finished binging Stranger Things 2: Billy is a bully, Billy is a babe, and mullets are surprisingly pretty sexy.

If you spent your Halloween weekend heading back to Hawkins, chances are you’ve Googled “who plays Billy on Stranger Things.” And so, chances are, you’ve already developed a crush on Dacre Montgomery, the fresh-faced Australian actor who has joined the cast of the cult Netflix sci-fi series for its sophomore season. (FYI, the Internet has dubbed him Zac Efron’s look-a-like.)

Montgomery’s character Billy is kind of the best: he drives a fast car, has luscious locks, and wears very very tight jeans. But Billy is also kind of the worst: he’s abusive, he’s racist and he’s cocky as hell. When he’s angry—and he’s angry a lot—he’s more frightening than the Demogorgon. He was pretty much just brought in to make Stranger Things’ OG douchebag, Steve Harrington (Joe Keery), look like the wholesome family man of your dreams, and to prove that not every 80’s villain is a flesh eating monster from the Upside Down.

Was Montgomery worried about playing a detestable scumbag on streaming’s most popular show? Apparently not. At a press event in Los Angeles, the 22-year-old actor told a roundtable of journalists: “You’re going to see this more multi-faceted character towards the end.” And he’s right. In episode eight of Stranger Things 2, audiences get a glimpse into why Billy is so awful—which is a character arc that Montgomery pushed for early on. “I said to [the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers], ‘look, I really want the audience to have something that we see in Billy that makes him more likable,’ because with antiheroes, you want to see some of the background.”

Photography courtesy of Netflix

Joe Keery, who also sat in on the group interview, agreed: “You feel like you’re so sure about Billy the whole time,” he said. “Then at the end, it leaves you with this taste in your mouth like, ‘Well, hold on, wait a second. Maybe I don’t know this guy.’”

No seriously, you don’t know this guy. Remember that dreamy mullet we mentioned? Montgomery let us in on a little secret: the mullet isn’t real. “It’s a wig,” he admitted to the room. “I can only dream of growing beautiful locks like [Joe Keery].”

And how does Keery feel about the new badass, big haired beauty in town? When asked if he felt threatened by Montgomery’s mullet, Keery replied: “Everyday.”

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