10 Amazing Things We Hope and Pray Will Happen on Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour

Photography by Harry How/Getty Images

Hey, does anyone remember SuperBowl weekend? If your memory’s a little foggy, it’s likely because that was the same weekend the world was collectively stricken with Beyoncé fever. In the span of around 24 hours, Bey dropped a new song, released a new video, singlehandedly saved the SuperBowl Halftime Show (okay, Bruno Mars, you helped out), and announced her next tour. Two days later, she was likely posted up in her lavish AirBNB laughing at all of us peasants as we frantically scrambled to get tickets. Memes were born, think pieces were penned, and Twitter practically self-destructed from an overload of “YASSS”-related tweets. What a time to be alive, right?

Now that the dust has settled after the mania of that fateful weekend, I’ve had time to collect my thoughts and mentally prepare for the Formation World Tour. I won’t pretend to ever know for sure what Beyoncé has up her sleeve, but I’ve got a couple of hunches. Here’s what I’m expecting (and hoping for) when Bey hits the stage this summer.

Blue Ivy cameos galore

I’m not sure I know anyone who didn’t squeal uncontrollably when Blue made her debut smack dab in the middle of the “Formation” video, so I can only imagine the deafening roar that would accompany a live Blue Ivy dance interlude in the middle of Bey’s show (realistically, Blue could just totter across the stage and it’d probably be just as well received). Show me someone who wouldn’t pay good money to see that smug little smirk in person and I’ll show you a liar.

Gucci, Gucci, and more Gucci

Beyoncé’s roster of past tour costume designers is a veritable who’s who of fashion—everyone from Tom Ford to Alexander Wang have had a hand in creating her onstage outfits. And while Givenchy got a shout out in the lyrics of “Formation”, it was the Gucci spring collection that took center stage in the video. We can likely count on seeing more of Alessandro Michele’s work onstage this summer (I can definitely picture Bey performing a power ballad like “XO” in this floaty, romantic number).

Sound bites of a speech that’ll go viral 24 hours later

First there were clips from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “We Should All Be Feminists” TED talk interspersed in between verses of “Flawless”. Then, there was Ronda Rousey’s “do-nothing bitch” speech featured during her Made in America set. Now more than ever, Beyoncé’s not shying away from making a statement—Clint Smith’s poignant “How to raise a black son in America” TED talk wouldn’t be out of place on the Formation Tour.

Wildly overpriced (yet totally DIY-able) merch

Guys, “I slay, okay” is only the beginning. Beyoncé hasn’t even dropped an album yet (not that I’m anxiously waiting or anything) and she’s already got a surplus of quotable, T-shirt friendly lyrics from one song alone. Sure, I could likely make my own “slay or get eliminated” T-shirt at the fraction of the price with a couple of iron on letters and an ounce of patience. Will I still shell out 60 bucks for some genuine Queen Bey merchandise? Most definitely.

Jay-Z hiding somewhat inconspicuously in the audience

After Beyoncé took (or dominated, really) the stage at Made in America this fall, the truly internet was blessed by footage of a relatively undercover Jay-Z bopping along to “7/11” with his drink in the air and passionately singing along to “1+1”. In sum, Jay-Z is all of us. Here’s hoping incognito trips into the audience (shoddy disguise and all) become a regular activity for Hova.

Seriously amped up stage choreo

Let’s get one thing straight: being one of the few artists today who can keep up with her background dancers means that Yoncé has never messed around when it comes to her onstage choreography. If her SuperBowl routine and “Formation” video choreography (courtesy of industry heavyweights Dana Foglia, JaQuel Knight, and Chris Grant) are any indication, Bey’s about to take her dancing to the next level for this tour. I mean, can we talk about that out-of-nowhere high kick

Epic song mashups and remixes

One of the most memorable parts of Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter Tour set was when she played the beat from “Clique” over top of “Diva” (proving, once again, that a Jay and Bey mashup is greater than the sum of its parts). Since then, she’s featured sections of songs from the likes of Future, T-Wayne, and Nicki Minaj. Bey’s showing no signs of slowing down on sampling buzzy tracks during her shows—my money’s on Kendrick Lamar or Fetty Wap being next up on her hit list.

Exactly zero Victoria’s Secret model appearances

After the seemingly never-ending procession of celeb BFFs that dominated headlines during Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour, it feels like a breath of fresh air to know that Beyoncé won’t be parading any famous friends (models or otherwise) onstage with her this summer. Can you picture Gwyneth Paltrow or Kim Kardashian swaying along to “Halo”? Yeah, I’d rather not. Of course, a Destiny’s Child reunion is an entirely different story.

A Channing Tatum and Beyoncé reunion performance

For all those who (like me) are still recovering from Channing’s Lip Sync Battle rendition of “Single Ladies,” let me paint a word a picture: it’s the closing song of Bey’s Toronto show. As she belts out “Heaven,” she extends her arm, microphone in hand, into the audience so her devoted fans can sing along. From the crowd emerges, blonde wig and all, Channing Tatum himself. He joins Queen Bey onstage and they perform together one last time. Call it a pipe-dream, but I’m still crossing my fingers.

Free Cheddar Bay Biscuits for all audience members

It’s the least Red Lobster can do after their anticlimactic social media response to the now-iconic “Formation” lyric. Seriously, after a 33% boost in sales, they can probably afford to dole out some snacks during at least a handful of Bey’s 40 concerts. Lord knows members of the Beyhive who will need fuel to keep them dancing, singing, and weeping hysterically throughout the entirety of the show.