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Missy Elliott Is the BFF Everyone Needs—Even Beyoncé

Missy Elliott is a L-E-G-E-N-D. I know it, you know it, and Beyoncé knows it.

Elliott headlined L.A.’s FYF music festival last weekend, and the Grammy-winning rapper had all of Hollywood getting their freak on—even one star who very recently gave birth to not one but two babies. But the best part of the rare Missy Elliott live performance wasn’t the star-studded audience or the hour-long set of throwback bangers: It was the love Elliott shared for her supporters via social media. Nothing warms the heart quite like 2000s dance tracks and iconic women supporting iconic women, amiright?

“Thank u to my good sis @solangeknowles u know how we do! #cancerseason!& my good sis ? @Beyonce they always have shown me ❤️ & I am humbled ??,” Elliott captioned a sweet photo with sisters Solange and Beyoncé  backstage. If I could join a girl crew, this would be it. While we were busy experiencing major FOMO, Solange responded with an equally uplifting tweet.

It’s almost too much—except there’s more. When a fan in the audience caught Bjork and Beyoncé dancing behind stage, Elliott didn’t just like the video and leave a cute comment. She reposted the video to her own account, raising her hands (9x) and complimenting the fellow performers.

Ayyyyye!?????????? big up @bjork & @beyonce bouncing on the side! Two INCREDIBlE Entertainers themselves!????????#Imbetter??? #fyffest

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Katy Perry wasn’t invited backstage with the VIP crew, but that didn’t stop her from partaking in the fun. Perry did more than bounce to the music: She “lost control.” This, I think, is the best way to describe whatever movement that is.

Janet Jackson was there, too, and was pictured worshipping at the alter of rap music. And what did Missy Elliott do? She humbly and gratefully tweeted the pic of her fellow female legend.

Tyler the Creator had the front-row view we all wanted. But we’re not bitter about it—because, like us, he knows every ?  single?  word?  to “Pass that Dutch.” Did Elliott just repost the video? Nope. Did she just thank Tyler for coming out? Nope. Did she go on an 89-word, 11-emoji rant about how equally iconic and inspiring the young rapper is? YES.

Moral of the story: If you show Missy love, she’ll show you the love right back. And that, my friends, is what friendship is all about.

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