A Look Back at the Best MTV Cribs of All Time

So many LOLs!

Before Snapchat or Instagram ever existed, it was essentially impossible to peep your fave celeb’s envy-inducing shoe closet or 8-car garage unless you were part of their inner circle. That is, until MTV’s Cribs aired; the famous television program of the early aughts that provided us mere mortals with unprecedented access to the humble abodes of our favourite actors, singers, athletes and business moguls.

In light of news that MTV will be rebooting the beloved program, albeit via Snapchat, we’ve rounded up some of the most memorable Cribs segments (the ones we could track down on YouTube). From Scarface-esque bathrooms to homes-within-homes, click through for some major nostalgia and lots of bling.

Missy Elliott

Had Migos been around in 2001, they definitely would’ve provided the soundtrack to this episode. That’s right. Missy Elliott’s bedroom is pretty much a shrine to the late-Gianni Versace, furnished with Medusa heads practically everywhere. Her indoor pool is also a sight to see, with Greek statues dotted around the perimeter. And when it comes to a throwback, nobody does it like Missy: Check out that home theatre, complete with drop-down projector screen. Ballin’.

Aaron Carter

Newsflash: Aaron Carter was into vinyls before you were (sorry, but it’s true). In this episode, the child star walks us through his family’s Florida Keys home, where he flips through his collection of Kool and the Gang, Billy Joel and Journey (“my favourite band, like, ever”) records. Because this 13 bedroom, 15 bathroom pad is freaking massive, he pretty much has his own dwelling outside of the house. Mhmmm. His living room walls may be rendered in shag fur, but it’s his bedroom that steals the show. “This is the love shack,” he says, as the camera pans to a stuffed animal koala bear and his safari-themed bed. In your dreams, Aaron.

Lauren Conrad

Who would have thought that a $17.9 million beach house boasting stunning views of the ocean could be filled with absolutely hideous decor?! Enter Lauren Conrad’s family home, which made many an appearance in Laguna Beach. Here, LC gives us a tour of the 7-bedroom villa that her father designed. There is an alarm system built into the fridge (but why?!) and a lock on the alcohol cabinet (LOL). Over in her bedroom she shows us the VHS tapes MTV would send the cast members to watch before airing. “We’d get the episodes a few days early,” she explains. #throwback

Ja Rule

OK, this list wouldn’t be complete without a Ja Rule shout out. In this episode, we’re taken on a tour of his colonial style Miami Beach pad, which could easily serve as a set for Narcos. He has a snack pantry (woo, chips!) and an in-house cook, but the actual party is in his vast backyard complete with swimming pool and “peeing” cherub fountain. Surprise cameos include Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel (sup, Fast and the Furious), as well as appearances by Ludacris, Puff Daddy and Jay Z. No Ashanti, but it’s still worth a watch.

Tony Hawk

To be honest, there wasn’t much to say about pro-skater Tony Hawk’s SoCal crib except that he had a freaking skatepark in his backyard!

Mariah Carey

In one of the most unforgettable segments, the one-and-only Mariah Carey showed us around her Tribeca penthouse (a.k.a. her “first apartment ever”). She takes us into her bathroom—which I’m convinced was modelled after Tony Montana’s luxe bathroom in Scarface—replete with a glittering chandelier, TV and, of course, a couch (“perhaps a friend may want to sit down”). And then there’s the butterfly-themed guest room, which houses two twin-sized beds, because it wouldn’t be Mimi’s crib without some butterflies. But the best part was, hands down, that moment when she hopped on her StairMaster in heels. Bless her.