Bachelor Nation Has a Lot to Say About Rachel Lindsay’s Final Rose Pick

WARNING: spoilers (& tears) ahead.

Congrats Chris Harrison: last night might have actually been the most dramatic season finale in The Bachelor history.

Just one day before bachelorette Rachel Lindsay handed out her final rose, fan-favourite Peter Kraus went where few other bachelor contestants have gone before: he acknowledged how insane it is to get engaged to a woman you’ve been on three dates with. And WOAH.

“I don’t feel that I am ready to ask you to marry me tomorrow,” Peter told Rachel. Shockingly, Peter’s honesty didn’t go over well: Rachel called him out for not wanting to face reality, said (for the 1039404 time) that she was looking for a TV proposal, and then cried. The whole thing was very ~*real*~, and it reminded the audience of how twisted this whole circus really is. Maybe, like, it isn’t super cool for us to find joy in watching a real life love tragedy? Just a thought.

At the end of the emotional blow up, Peter cried, frowned his perfectly bushy Disney prince eyebrows, and asked, “what is wrong with me?”

OMG Peter calm down, there’s nothing wrong with you! In fact, you may be the first rational person in 15 years of the franchise. It is NOT normal to propose to someone you’ve spent a couple days with over two months. It’s also not normal to date 25 guys at the same time. Or to have the whole thing televised.

Bachelor Nation agrees: there is nothing wrong with Peter.

Ultimately—or, as some have savagely said, “by default”—Rachel went home with a diamond ring from smooth talking Bryan Abasolo of former The Player fame. She got the engagement she was after, but Bachelor Nation fans couldn’t help but mourn the final rose that should could have been.

Bachelor Nation may still be on #TeamPeter, but The Bachelor/The Bachelorette alumni are giving their full support for Rachel and Bryan.

Well hey, if Rachel and Bryan are going to accept blessings from anyone, it should be these guys. Nick Viall, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Desiree Siegfried and amongst the only The Bachelor/The Bachelorette leads who have actually made their TV relationships last. Maybe Rachel made the right call after all! (Especially, if it means Peter could be our next Bachelor. Just sayin’.)

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